whole foods cambie parking

When I told one of the cashiers that they were black kale, she said she just followed the code on the tag of the vegetables. I used to go here specifically for lunch-type items for work, but I have since moved on to greener pastures (No Frills/Nesters/Independent Grocers). So I needed to return for a refund. Cambie. It's one of my little traditions. I'm not sure if this was normal or if it was just because it was the weekend before Canadian Thanksgiving.There was free wifi in the store. Overall, whole foods may not be as "organic and natural" as they advertise, but the food is good. Usually it's pretty high like $75+, but sometimes they offer $35+ or $50+. Just...wow. Whole Foods has cheaper goods than Save On. 1 minute drive from West 10th Avenue, Ash Street, Yukon Street or West Broadway; a 3 minute drive from East 2nd Avenue, East Broadway or Cambie Street Bridge; and a 8 minute drive from Seymour Street or West Georgia Street. I only shop at whole foods due to the service but the last time I went in March, it made me go to T&T instead (and that says a lot.) Two friends and I drove up from Seattle for a day trip in Vancouver on a Saturday and made a pitstop here around 3 PM to pick up provisions for a beach picnic. I have shopped at your Cambie/W. Be prepared if you want to shop at Cambie Save on food!! So I have to come into Vancouver and check out my old stomping grounds to get what I want.Good wholesome really nutty grainy heavy bread.--checkRaw food options -- checkVeggie burger patties  -- checkRice milk no sugar  -- checkHemp seeds and more! They are a multi-million dollar corporation, and have the power to make a huge change in their stores to help the planet. © 2020 Eating in Vancouver. Be prepared if you want to shop at Cambie Save on food!! Bulk candy, perhaps? Whole foods has allot of hits and misses. As I'm on the 80% plant based diet and this was must but I couldn't find it at other grocery stores. Sort by: Distance Price. Save On Money? Whole Foods Market is easy to get to at 510 West 8th Avenue, in the south area of Vancouver (a few minutes walk from Skytrain Canada Line Station and Centennial Rocket).The store is a convenient addition to the locales of Downtown, Chinatown, Mount Pleasant, Fairview, Downtown Eastside, South Cambie, Gastown and Riley Park. While they have the weighed and reusable plates and bowls, only plastic cutlery is available. They offer to bring my dog food down to my car as well which is nice. Does anyone know why the store was closed midday? You have an hour free parking but you need to ensure to purchase over $5 to reimburse for parking fee.
You get parking reimbursed if over $10. My teeth hurt just thinking of the options. Yet they were happy for people be standing in 20min queues to pay for the goods rather than ask shoppers to abandon their baskets (and accept the chance of stock loss/theft that inevitably occurs). I wasn't when I lived in the Seattle area for 25 years, and I'm not here, either. This location is always super busy, but luckily the line ups move fast. It was thrilling to look at all that FOOD! Trouble parking outside? And now she said it's too late!?
They now have booths along the wall, free wi-fi, and a juice bar closer to the entrance. Customizable. Alright, so this isn't as much of a review of the store..This is a review about the bakeryFirst of all they bake a very tasty raisin bread..much better than what you can find at SafewayBut the real winner is the Parmesan Olive Ciabatta bread. She asked every single customer before me "Do you have a ticket? Store Team Leader — Christopher Jones. Although a bit sweet, their carrot cake is one of the best out there and their cheesecake is so rich and creamy!


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