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Among the things that make this documentary remarkable are the candid interviews with Ebens, his wife, and step-son. It was later broadcast as part of the PBS series POV From tragedy to movement On a hot summer night in Detroit, Ronald Ebens, an autoworker, killed a young Chinese-American engineer with a baseball bat. This film recounts the murder of Vincent Chin, an automotive engineer mistaken as Japanese who was slain by an assembly line worker who blamed him for the competition by the Japanese auto makers that were threatening his job. It was bad luck. ... Netflix Originals Twenty years ago this past week a 27-year old Chinese-American man and a few of his friends walked into a Detroit bar to celebrate his bachelor party. They had too much to drink. Ongoing U.S. intervention in the Philippines will keep trying to root out terrorism with unknown consequences. Who Killed Vincent Chin? So is Vincent Chin’s case still relevant today? Drunkenness?

shows Chin's family at his grave. It relates the stark facts of Vincent Chin's brutal murder. Just a fight in a bar? is a 1987 American documentary film directed by Christine Choy and Renee Tajima-Peña that recounts the murder of Vincent Chin.It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. But the legacy of Vincent Chin was a “very powerful movement for justice,” said Omatsu, that reached out and made linkages with African American, Latino, and immigrant communities. Racism?

In Little Tokyo in Los Angeles June 19 the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) and Visual Communications screened the Academy Award-nominated documentary “Who Killed Vincent Chin?” by Christine Choy and Renee Tajima-Pena. Hate crimes?criminal acts directed at a person based on the victim’s actual or perceived race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or gender?have been on the rise since September 11. 2. 3. They assert that race had nothing to do with Chin’s death. It then recounts how that murderer escaped justice in the court system. Cat would have been killed too, but someone, or something, saved her. During a subsequent civil rights trial, Vincent Chin became the first Asian-American whose case resulted in a hate crime conviction, although Ebens was later acquitted during a retrial in Cincinnati. But the legacy of Vincent Chin was a “very powerful movement for justice,” said Omatsu, that reached out and made linkages with African American, Latino, and immigrant communities. Asian-American students were galvanized into action by Lily Chin (who recently died on June 9 at 82) and many community advocacy organizations were founded in the aftermath of her son’s death. Courtesy of "Who Killed Vincent Chin?" In court, Ebens and Nitz got off with a manslaughter plea, three months probation, and a $3,780 fine. A few hours later Vincent Chin was dead. Feature Film | 07/16/1989. "Remembering Vincent Chin" at the Wayback Machine (archived March 10, 2010). June 13–15, 1997. “I didn’t even do it on purpose,” says Ebens. “This is a landmark case I want to know about,” added her brother Allan, 26. Chinese-American Vincent Chin, who died in Detroit on June 23, 1982, four days after being brutally attacked by two car workers who mistook him for Japanese. Opening Lecture at The 5th Annual Conference in Citizenship Studies: Boundaries, March 27–29, 2008, Wayne State University State Northridge and Pasadena City College professor Glenn Omatsu observes a new and uncertain global era for Asians. This screenshot from the documentary "Who Killed Vincent Chin?" Lily Chin, his adoptive mother and a factory worker, summoned the courage to attend rallies and softly yet determinedly demand justice for her son. Who Killed Vincent Chin?

The film shows a deep-seated ignorance that can prevent some people from understanding how what they think, feel, and do can be rooted in racial prejudice.

“It’s because of you little motherf—— that we’re out of work!” Ebens reportedly yelled. It is striking that Vincent Chin’s untimely death and his mother’s quest for justice still matter to …


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