trapped ásgeir

Instead an old woman, Gríma, takes over and manages to stir up emotions with claims that old Þorir, who disappeared 35 years ago, caused a curse on his family by building his house on a charmed stone. We know he was previously in Reykjavík, which explains more of the touchy relationship with Trausti. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Not that Ásgeir was that much better talking to Barður about lazy sperm…. Bitte stimme unseren Nutzungsbedingungen zu. Mailadresse bereits bekannt, bitte mit bestehendem Account einloggen und Kinderprofil anlegen. Leider hat die Registrierung nicht funktioniert. Bitte bestätige den Link in dieser E-Mail innerhalb von 24 Stunden, um deine Registrierung abzuschließen. Dagblaðið Vísir reported on 2 May 2015 that Trapped is the most expensive television series ever made in Iceland, with overall costs estimated to be about 1,000,000,000 ISK (€6,500,000 EUR). We need Ásgeir to pull through. Als Hafdis ungeplant Anna Stinas Identität erfährt, geraten die Entführer miteinander in Streit, wodurch Hafdis angeschossen wird.

Andri und Hinrika machen auf der Suche nach ihrem vermissten Kollegen Ásgeir eine grauenvolle Entdeckung. As of December 2018, early work on a third series was already under way. The folklore is very rich with fairies and trolls, and roads have had to be routed to avoid areas where fairies are known to dwell. Finally, we’re getting somewhere with these two. Andri und seine Kollegen bemerken Ásgeirs Verschwinden erst jetzt und verfolgen das Auto, welches sie nach kurzer Fahrt brennend und mit Ásgeirs verbrannter Leiche vorfinden. There is a communication break down and frustrations on all side. Yes please", "Icelandic Crime Series 'Trapped' Gets Second Season", "Work on Trapped Season Three Already Underway", "Kormákur brings more women aboard Trapped 2", "TIFF's First-Ever TV Lineup Includes Jason Reitman's 'Casual' and 'Heroes Reborn, "BBC Four announces brand new drama acquisition, Trapped", "Baltasar Kormakur's Icelandic Crimer 'Trapped' Set to Travel Abroad",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Sigurjón Kjartansson, Clive Bradley & Jóhann Ævar Grímsson, Sigurjón Kjartansson, Clive Bradley & Ólafur Egilsson, Sigurjón Kjartansson, Clive Bradley, Ólafur Egilsson & Jóhann Ævar Grímsson, Margrét Örnólfsdóttir, Sigurjón Kjartansson & Clive Bradley, Holly Phillips, Sigurjón Kjartansson & Clive Bradley, Elva María Birgisdóttir as Þórhildur, Andri and Agnes's older daughter, returns to Siglufjörður, Júlia Guðrún Lovisa Henje as Perla, Andri and Agnes's younger daughter, Guðjón Pedersen as Bárður, Hinrika's partner, Jasmín Dúfa Pitt as Jóhanna, Laufey's daughter, Vytautas Narbutas as Jonas Malakauskas, Lithuanian trafficker, Marta Quental as Nishadi, Joy's younger sister, Georg Leite de Oliveira Santos as Ayanike, ferry chef, Lilja Nótt Þórarinsdóttir as María, colleague of Hrafn, daughter of Leifur, Kristján Franklin Magnúss as Guðni, hotel owner, Magnús Ragnarsson as Friðrik Davíðsson, an MP, Sigurður Karlsson as Guðmundur, fisherman, Eysteinn Sigurðarson as Hjálmar, a young man, Sigurður Skúlason as Rögnvaldur, man in a wheelchair, Jóel Sæmundsson as Þór Snædal, Trausti's colleague, Guðrun Gísladóttir as Ragna, a TV journalist, Steinn Ármann Magnússon as Ketill, Siglufjörður farmer, protests against the factory, Stormur Jón Kormákur Baltasarsson as Aron, Þórhildur's boyfriend, Aron Már Ólafsson as Víkingur, Siglufjörður factory worker, Arnmundur Ernst Björnsson as Stefán, Siglufjörður factory worker, Andri Olafsson, now with the Reykjavik police, Hjörtur, now employed as a supervisor at a local factory, Þórhildur, Andri and Agnes's older daughter, Perla, Andri and Agnes's younger daughter, Trausti Einarssson, chief of the Reykjavik Bureau of Investigation, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 23:31. Du erhältst in Kürze eine E-Mail von uns mit Infos, wie du dein Passwort zurücksetzen kannst. Ausgangspunkt der 2015 spielenden ersten Staffel ist ein männlicher Torso, der zufällig im Fjord gefunden wird.

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