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570 likes. In fact, it is estimated that there are “5.9 million incidents of physical assaults against women annually, with approximately 76 percent of those incidents perpetrated by current or former husbands, cohabiting partners, or dates” (Danis, 237). Tracey Thurman's ordeal will be dramatized tonight in A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story at 9 p.m. on WESH-Channel 2. “Tracey lived in constant fear, never knowing when or why Buck would attack her. He started beating her shortly after they were moved in together and Tracey left him, moving back to her hometown of Torrington, Connecticut. Learn how your comment data is processed. THURMAN'S EX-WIFE SEEKS COURT ORDER TO KEEP HIM AWAY. 475 Myrtle Field Rd. You see, according to section one of the Fourteenth Amendment, a state cannot “deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Basically, assault is a crime, and to deny someone the protection of the police simply because the person assaulting them is their significant other, is denying them equal protection. Given Buck’s previous behaviors, what happened next is unsurprising. “In 1976, Ms. became the first national magazine to put a battered woman on the cover and helped ignite the U.S. movement” (Finley, “Women’s,” 558). She called the police to report the violation of the restraining order, but by the time an officer arrived on the scene 25 minutes later, Buck had stabbed his wife 13 times in the face, neck, and shoulders. Thurman v. Accessed 12 May 2017. Sep 07, 2020 ... Tracey Thurman Motuzick, whose near-fatal case of spousal abuse ... Charles Thurman Motuzick, now 15, is Thurman's son, but Thurman's ... In 1990, the latest year for which statistics are available, there were 20 homicides due to family violence, a decrease of 37.5 percent from 1989. In 1985, Tracey Thurman won the case and was awarded nearly two-million-dollars to be paid by the City of Torrington (Finley, “Thurman,” 499). Fifteen more states plus Washington D.C. had followed suit by the mid 1990’s (Finley, “Women’s,” 560).
Not only because of the intense violence inflicted on Tracy Thurman by her husband, but also because of the gross negligence of the Torrington Police Department. That social movement, in combination with a few court cases filed by abused women against police and other government departments for their lack of proper response to complaints of spousal violence, spurred the United States Government into making policy changes (Finley, “Women’s,” 559). Not protecting a woman because she is a wife and her husband is the perpetrator is discrimination against a person based on gender and social class, therefor it is unconstitutional. Finley goes on to report that Tracey and her son stayed with friends, Judy Bentley and Richard St. Hilaire. Domestic violence is purposeful and instrumental behavior directed at achieving compliance from, or control over, the abused party” (“Domestic,” 707). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. “Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment.” Encyclopedia of Domestic. On May 4th, 1983, Buck threatened the lives of both Tracey Thurman and Ms. Bentley. We were flying a field that I’d never flown before. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. A few days later, “Police Officer Neil Gemelli watched as Buck broke Tracey’s windshield while she sat in the car. The details leading up to this court case are, in my opinion, nauseatingly gruesome. He would call her upwards of twenty-five times per day and find her when she went out. After they were married, they moved around some more and the cycle of abuse started all over again.

2, 2003, p. 237+. I find it upsetting that this man was allowed to beat, stalk, harass, and terrorize this woman and when he finally got arrested, the legal system didn’t bother to lock him up. The truth, (which I find abhorrent), is that “historically, violence against a significant other or family member was not treated as a serious matter; it was commonly regarded as acceptable if done with the intent to discipline or correct one’s behavior” (Marganski, 329). Both women went to the police station to file a complaint, but Detective Storrs of the Torrington Police refused to file it. And, given the fact that there are so many more incidences of domestic abuse flooding the emergency rooms than are getting reported to the police, I can’t help but agree that the system is flawed. Her son was napping at the time. Next, she filed a lawsuit against the City of Torrington police for failing to provide her equal protection (Finley, “Thurman,” 501). I believe it should be a crime for one person to attack another person, no matter their relationship. However, well into the 1900’s, husbands beating their wives as a form of punishment was not necessarily frowned upon by society, due to the fact that wives were viewed as property (“Domestic,” 707), whereas wives beating their husbands would not have been considered “normal” and homosexual relationships were unfortunately not yet recognized as legitimate by the bulk of society. CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC.

My only concern about not charging an abuser with a crime of violence is the mental abuse that women go through. Finley explains that Buck Thurman disobeyed that court order, when he returned to the Bentley-St. Hilaire residence on New Year’s Eve, 1982, and threatened Tracey. In “Thurman, Tracy Case,” Laura L. Finley accounts that Tracy met Charles “Buck” Thurman in 1979 at age 18 and moved with him to Florida after her mother passed away from lung cancer. 1: American with Disabilities Act to First Amendment Law, Gale, 2013, pp. Essentially, women who were being abused by their husbands had no legal protection. An ingrained part of our culture, “from the first law of marriage proclaimed by Romulus in 75 BC through the early 20th century, legal and institutional support for wife beating can be found” (Danis, 237).
Social Work, vol. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Also, “domestic violence incidents needing emergency room treatment [are about] four times higher than the [number] of domestic violence [cases] that come to the attention of law enforcement agencies” (Danis, 237).

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