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: He then appeared opposite Laurence Olivier in Term of Trial (1962).[13].

: General Zod General

Scruffy. : :

What do I get from my triple threat? : No, better yet: the Metropolis Masher! He returned to the DC universe in 2003 for Smallville, where he voiced Clark Kent's Kryptonian father Jor-El across several seasons. The couple divorced on the grounds of his "unreasonable behaviour" in April 2008.[41].

Tell him I'm f***ing coming!

: [walking towards a group of military men]  I always win. Reporter

In the re-enactment Morrissey is holding a glass of milk, as opposed to a chloroform pad in the original. Stamp reunited with producer Janni for two more projects: John Schlesinger's adaptation of Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd (1967) starring Julie Christie, and Ken Loach's first feature film Poor Cow (1967).

And I will lead!

No one may leave without my permis -. [pleased]  : Lex Luthor

Within fifty years, you'd brought us World War I, the Depression, Fascism, the Holocaust and capped it off by bringing the entire planet to the brink of destruction in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Thompson

What ever happened to free will? ... Hi! Eventually, however, Stamp changed his mind, and the original cover was reinstated.

This stuff is radioactive. For The Limey (1999), he won the Satellite Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Drama and was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead.

To kill!

: : You don't have free will, David. July 22, Army Major General, don't go in there. [to Zod]  General, the crystal there activates the mechanism. Oh God. Soundtrack | His portrayal of the title character broug…

[appears from behind the other men]  Siegfried :

General Zod I wish I knew. : Superman No! |

General Zod Your General wishes to speak. For six hundred years we taught you to control your impulses with reason, then in 1910 we stepped back. 100%, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert I helped you through the tough times, remember?

On the occasion of Superman's fiftieth anniversary in 1988, Stamp introduced the BBC Radio special Superman On Trial, which was produced by Dirk Maggs and starred Stuart Milligan as Superman.

Lex Luthor


: [to Zod and Company, at the half-wrecked White House], [looking at the Presidential Seal on the floor of the Oval Office], [walking towards a group of military men]. : : Release Dates :

Why don't you just light your tampon and blow your box apart? [after using heat vision on a snake]  : Beijing International Film Festival Tian Tan Award. : This council has no hesitation in proclaiming you all... Krypton Elder

After taking you from hunting and gathering to the height of the Roman Empire, we stepped back to see how you'd do on your own. General Zod

On behalf of my country and in the name of the other leaders of the world with whom I have today consulted, I hereby abdicate all authority and control over this planet to General Zod. You win.

: Or four, if you count him twice!


: : General Zod Crude noisemaker. says:

Looking for something to watch? :

Then Non tries to fly at Superman, but finds himself unable to do so; he, too, falls into the chasm below]. :

He also provided the scream of Zod (being exorcised from the body of Lex Luthor) in the sixth-season premiere episode "Zod". [pointing]  So I was yesterday. Something is happening... General Zod Lex Luthor? Me, are you kidding? The crystal there activates the mechanism. I ask you, is that a plan or is that a plan! | : Stamp has also had voice work, narrating Jazz Britannia on the BBC, and 1966 – A Nation Remembers on ITV in July 2016 which marked the 50th anniversary of England's 1966 FIFA World Cup victory. : President

Who else is seeing this?

President [27] He also appears in George Mendeluk's Bitter Harvest, opposite Max Irons, Samantha Barks, Barry Pepper, and Aneurin Barnard.[28]. So this is planet Houston.

Jul 22, 1938, Birthplace: Official Sites Good. : Ursa, the only feeling you showed was for your vicious general.

[just before using heat vision on Metropolis] 

From the look of 'em, I'll bet ten dollars they're from Los Angeles. [to Ursa]  I told you this was a puny planet.

Like pets? :

Superman II (1980) Terence Stamp as General Zod. says:

General Zod Who will never become a man! General Zod : 0. Would you believe two dozen Delta Force Commandos? At that point a decision was taken to step back in again before you did something that even we couldn't fix.


One slip-up, and it's 'Ka-fricking-boom'.

Why do you say this to me, when you know that I will kill you for it? Superman

According to TVLine, HBO's His Dark Materials has recruited Superman star Terence Stamp for Season 2. I am General Zod. Growing up in London during World War II Stamp endured the Blitz as a child (he would later aid Valkyrie director Bryan Singer in staging a scene where the von Stauffenbergs hide from the Allied bombings).

: Easy, Durat! General Zod Whoa whoa whoa wait... why don't you get to know me better?

Superman The single cover was a photograph taken on the set of the film The Collector (but not depicted in the actual film).

: Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, London Film Critics' Circle (ALFS) Awards, Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year - Actor, Seattle International Film Festival Award for Best Actor, Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, Satellite Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Drama, Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead, BIFA Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a British Independent Film, Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor, Seattle International Film Festival for Best Actor, Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, "Bryan Singer and Quint talk Nazis, Tom Cruise, Terence Stamp, VALKYRIE plus an update on SUPERMAN!!!


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