spontaneous combustion cases

If the previous account was amusing, well, we’re blazing straight into crazy territory now. People found the burned body of an elderly man lying with his head near the furnace of his apartment. Mercifully, the fire was brief, and Susan was not harmed. Apparently, 19th-century Scandinavian folk medicine had a fairly disgusting prescription for spontaneous combustion—human urine, preferably that of a woman. Yellow flames engulfed Winchester. This indicates one of the strangest parts of human combustion. Liked it? So, he did the only proper thing an honest parson in his situation could do—he pissed on the guy. This was just the beginning of four days of bizarre combustions. Our first case is Rahul, an Indian child who made headlines for catching fire while yet an infant. Reports of the phenomenon reach back through centuries of history; it’s been credited as divine judgment for drunkards, discredited as a gruesome hoax, taken up as evidence of paranormal activity, ridiculed time and again, and researched with a vengeance. Mysterious Universe is a property of 8th Kind Pty Ltd, coroner ruled was due to spontaneous combustion, Mysteries and Giants at the Serpent Mound of Ohio. But we’re not here to debate the causes or scientific possibility of spontaneous human combustion. New Research Indicates Our Solar System Did Have An Extra Planet, Ancient Native Mystery Beasts and the Dover Demon, Strange Encounters with Flying Jellyfish, Walking Squids, and Octopod Monstrosities, The Dark World of Real Modern Day Witch Hunters. There is no report on which episode of The Twilight Zone it was. Our final entry dates back to the early 16th century and is possibly the first recorded case of spontaneous human combustion. A few days later, while her son was out with some friends, a neighbor found Ginette's body, except for her legs, reduced to ash in an otherwise undisturbed apartment. Unfortunately, he died before the police and rescue workers arrived. Black Eyed Children, M.I.B. When spontaneous combustion won a court case Nicole Millet, the wife of a Parisian innkeeper in 1725, was found after her husband roused the entire inn when he smelled smoke. Spontaneous combustion can occur when a substance with a relatively low ignition temperature (hay, straw, peat, etc.)

5. But for the hundreds of dispersed accounts that testify to its existence, spontaneous human combustion would likely be dismissed by all as an impossibility.

Most were skeptical. And if laughing doesn’t work for you, well, you’ll still be able to say you went out laughing. This Zakris must have still been lovable despite his boozing ways, for his wife promptly ah, relieved herself and her husband of the situation. Which, if we’re being honest, doesn’t really sound all that crazy for a woman we want to assume spent a lot of time jumping out of planes with flippers on her feet. Boom!

Small price to pay for a lifetime of introducing yourself to students with “Hello, I’m Professor H. I once caught on fire for no reason. She later stated that she had no recollection of the actual incident, only riding in the car before and waking up in the hospital after. Sanjay only caught fire on one occasion, but sadly he died on the way to the hospital after suffering from a bad case of diarrhea in February 2016. Shortly afterward, he changed his story and said he fell asleep only to wake up with terrible burns all over his body, and sold his story as a survivor of spontaneous human combustion. He survived his mysterious condition, and today he still toddles among us. Even her hair was unscorched.

The KMCH eventually filed complaints with the police and the Child Welfare Committee requesting investigations into the matter. The Twilight Zone could be in an episode of The Twilight Zone. H.” The report, authored in the previous year by Dr. James Overton, describes in very precise terms how the professor’s left leg caught fire on January 5, 1835. Inside, she found Reeser's remains, in the middle of a six-foot scorched area of carpet. A chair and an end table in the middle of the scorch mark were upright, indicating that there was no activity. His trousers suffered no damage at all, but his drawers sported a brand-new hole in the exact size and shape of the wound described. The last three survival cases on our list all come from Jan Bondeson’s A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities. A cold winter day in Bladenboro, North Carolina.

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