shattered memories (2018 cast)

Shattered Memories is a reimagination of the first game and retains the premise—Harry Mason's quest to find his missing daughter in the fictitious American town of Silent Hill—but is set in a different fictional universe, has a different plot, and altered characters, alongside new ones.Five endings are available.

High school guidance counselor Holly Dewitt (Elizabeth Bogush) wakes up to a nightmare when she finds herself in bed next to a dead man, her hands covered in blood. Cast. Shattered Memories. Movie Review: 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'.

Actors in Shattered Memories. Ray Brad Schmidt. As a technicolor action adventure comedy, it follows the journey of Phileas Fogg, a Victorian Englishman who bets he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days with the new steamships and railways. Lois also has a few moments when she becomes a likable character, if simply because you'll find yourself not blaming her for being sick of the drama and secrets surrounding her. And how has she managed to stay relevant against the odds of an increasingly vapid internet community? Seems the guy whose bed she’s in had a killer night with her, literally.

Sarah Lind. Glenn.

Elizabeth Bogush Brad Schmidt Sarah Lind Eddie Kaye Thomas Phillip Boyd Victoria Barabas Mark Famiglietti Walker Borba Meg DeLacy. Let's be honest, nobody wants to see our politicians forced to walk through the streets naked. Receive a weekly e-mail with all the new movies and series that Netflix released that week. Cast & Crew. HD UHD 4K HDR DOLBY VISION DOLBY SURROUND DOLBY ATMOS.


Facing a murder charge, a genius mechanic with a criminal past must track down a missing car containing the proof of his innocence: a single bullet.

Synopsis: With no memory of events, a woman wakes up next to the dead body of her ex-lover and must find the killer to …

2018 TV-14 1h 25m Thriller Movies. Actors in Shattered Memories. How many have you seen?

Brad Schmidt. Combine that with a premise ripe with drama, and you have a film that is sure to entertain as both a murder mystery and a Lifetime-ian thriller.

And as strong as Bogush's performance is, Holly is something of a divisive character who may put some viewers off with her morally objectionable actions throughout the film. Some are femme fatales while others are resourceful companions or explorers, but all of these hottest video game girls are united in their undeniable ability to make gamers tick. This movie is Ominous.

Actors in Shattered Memories. Her search leads her to uncover numerous secrets involving the friends and neighbors she once trusted, including her estranged husband Glenn (Philip Boyd) and her own sisters Joanna and Lois (Sarah Lind and Victoria Barabas). Hardly any of the film's characters are without suspicious elements to them, leaving the audience pondering which of them could be responsible for the crime, with the possibilities being numerous. This movie is Ominous.

Panicked and with no memory of what happened the previous night, Holly cleans herself up and flees the scene.

To celebrate the production and release of the book turned movie, Mike Todd hired the old Madison Square champagne supper for 18,000, offering prominently among other hors d'oeuvres, his wife Elizabeth Taylor on a pink elephant.

When her former lover's mysteriously murdered, a woman must clear her name -- and avoid the killer. When her former lover's mysteriously murdered, a woman must clear her name -- and avoid the killer.

Shattered Memories starts on a strong note by throwing the audience right into the action, with Holly waking up in bed next to her dead lover and kickstarting the film's well-crafted mystery. Just some guy with a cowbell shouting to an angry crowd—without the typical political media circus.

Brad Schmidt (1)

Shattered Memories is a 2018 American thriller film written and directed by Chris Sivertson. He was cast alongside Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline on Outer Banks. Synopsis: With no memory of events, a woman wakes up next to the dead body of her ex-lover and must find the killer to exonerate herself. When the U.S. Embassy in Hong Kong is bombed, Inspector Lee and a vacationing Detective Carter team up against an international crime syndicate. Holly. is available in the following countries: © 2013 - 2020 is a product of Binq Media B.V. Top 50 best Netflix series according to IMDB, Top 50 best Netflix movies according to IMDB, Top 50 best Netflix documentaries according to IMDB, Receive a weekly e-mail with all the new Netflix releases from the past week, Create a personal list of favourites to watch later on Netflix, To hide any movies you want from the overviews on this site, so that you will only see movies and series that are interesting to you.

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