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How and when to prune beech tree and hedge. After Pruning beech tree. This will allow you not to fall under your own weight. Select the best tool for the job. For a newly planted beech hedgerow, lightly trim the ground level. Sign up for our newsletter. Cut off the top and one side in one winter, leaving the other side for the next winter. Caring your beech tree. Don’t forget to put the guides in, or you may not be very happy with the way you’ve turned them once you’re done. Beech or in its scientific name Fagus sylvatica, is a deciduous tree belonging to the Fagaceae family. This way daylight will always reach the lower parts of the hedge keeping the growth dense and bushy … It is deciduous but when grown as hedging … This will encourage It is quite easy to find public spaces in the UK with arches and mazes formed from these trees. plants to retain their foliage throughout the winter. How and when to prune beech Hedge (video), Trimming a beech hedge ( At that time, trimming beech hedges every summer can begin. Pruning Beech Hedge Beech, or Fagus Sylvatica as it is also known, can be allowed to develop into a bush or tree but it also suitable for planting as a hedge. leveling the top of the hedge, work down the side of each plant from top to additional trimming at the beginning of June is recommended. Do this with a mixture of alcohol and water before you start pruning, and whenever you change from one plant to another. To finish the post, and as we always do on the blog, we have selected a video. This will encourage the plant to generate new shoots in late summer. To later make the cuts on the sides of the hedge. Advertisement. Inspired by Christopher Wren’s undulating crinkle-crankle wall at the garden at Wroxall, Warwickshire, I decided to create a serpentine shape from a beech hedge. The right time to prune will largely depend on whether you want to control the size of your beech tree or if, on the contrary, you are not interested in controlling its development. And with this we come to the end, I hope it has been helpful for you to take a few minutes to read this post. Reducing the height and width by half won’t compromise the beech hedgerow. Having read these tips, although they are well summarized, I can make sure that at least you do not make big mistakes when growing a beech tree. The optimal place to cut each Next we will see each of them in a summarized way. To get the most enjoyment from your Beech hedge, a careful trim in August will maintain your desired shape while allowing the plant to regrow leaves that will change colour as they die in the Autumn, but … So be very careful and always try to avoid very severe pruning. If you notice that a branch begins to bend under the weight, reduce its size. First of all, whenever you are going to prune a hedge, you must be clear about what shape you are going to give it. even when you’re finished. Although this website is dedicated to plant pruning, we always like to start the articles by listing the necessary care. 1. goals. We will see that it is not unusual for the pruning of any hedge. Always try to cut close to a sprout. For neglected and overgrown hedgerows, hard pruning should be reserved for winter months when the plants are dormant. side the first winter and the remainder the following winter. Although it is very common that it is grown in gardens forming ornamental hedges.

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