pixie marvel super war

But this build is still effective in low ranks and if you are new to using Quicksilver. Twilight Beads, Hunting Greaves, and Sky Shadows combo is for attack speed, which also enhances Skill 1. When killing squishy Heroes: Skill 2 (Space stone)+ Skill 1 (go towards enemy) + Basic Attack + Skill 1 (Power) + Ultra Skill (to finish kill) + Skill 3 (to come back) + Skill 3 (Soul Stone for HP regen), For initiating and making enemies waste skills on you and you can also use it to tower dive to poke enemies: Skill 2 (Space Stone) + Skill 3 (Time Stone) + Basic Attack + Skill 3 (to come back). Deadly Phantom: It is the best Energy resist item for Antman because it gives max defense and also its passive gives shield. Since Ronan has 2 CC skills you will trigger the Burst Particle easily. Strange is the best Energy Hero, who can coordinate with almost all Heroes in-game and has very few counters, He has poke damage with Skill 2 and Skill 3 combo, He can put lane pressure with his Skill 3, His Skill 1 is most annoying to everyone, which can counter almost all Heroes in the game, It is very easy to do invade or steals in enemy’s jungle when Dr. It won’t activate if you hit minions. Buy Glorious Armor as firs item to help you clear lane faster. Rend Particle will put Bleeding on low HP heroes, that will help you get kill on them. Scroll to the top to check Black Widow’s position it the Marvel Super War tier list.

With unstable radiation, you’ll deal extra damage to the enemy. Ult spam: You need good teammates that let you get the Kill so you can use spam your ultra skill again and again. This is a hybrid build for Invisible Woman where you build damage in beginning but go toward defense in the mid to late game. and he is best to gank enemies with your Assassin, Beware before entering into enemy body and be ready to immediately move out, as players always bait Ebony Maw and then Blink to enter into their Tower or with teammates to kill him. Note: Use button “TIER LIST” in the lower right corner to jump back to this section. If you see enemies building more armor then in late-game sell boots and get Gungnir.

Clunky abilities. So, this makes it good for killing squishy Heroes in the late game. She also has decent crowd control skills. This Power Core will help you play aggressively with Hawkeye, even in the early Game.

Colossus’ skills have fairly long cooldowns, which is one of his major downsides. As Yondu basic attack are considered as skill so it is more easy to use. However, most of her strengths come from straight-up high numbers, especially her normal attacks that are super strong, on top of already powerful abilities. Good sustain. Good survivability. 2020.07.09. His Ultra skill works with the AOE skills of many heroes. go for Upgraded Hydra Boots (which gives Energy resist). Don’t forget to get shield from your passive so get out of fight to get some shield and try to build Max HP items to increase the amount of shield you get.

When going from 1 lane to another, if there will some fight happen then don’t use Skill 2 to go immediately as you’ll need it to deal damage. When you come to the bot side, first take buff and then go directly to lane to gank, since you don’t need to be Lvl.4 and your Ultra skill unlocks at Lvl.6. Use this build if you are new to Gambit. MARVEL Super War- Marvel’s first MOBA game on mobile. He can quickly close the gap between himself and the unsuspecting target, before shredding it to pieces. For 2, As Gambit runs out of EP very fast, buy 2 Energy Cores in beginning. She gets a good shield from her passive but if you activated passive and didn’t go aggressive then you’ll have to wait for the next activation. The Casket of Ancient Winters to slow down enemies so he can aim his skills easily on them. Antman is good at taking tower when big. For the last item buy Loki’s Scepter if you need more penetration. You can get its stacks faster. This is a damage build to use in the Top lane. Jungle item is Twilight Beads which gives her 50% attack speed. Great damage. Use filters at the top of the page to check Marvel Super War tier list positions. Very powerful healing and with proper playstyle, great support in team fights. Peter Quill is a human who was raised in far reaches of Space. Skill priority: Level up Solar Radiation first, followed by Density Manipulation. Enchantment Module – Grants a max HP bonus when KO’ing an enemy.

Specially her Ultra skill is very hard to execute. Vision doesn’t have any dash/blink skill, which can sometimes spell disaster if he’s caught off guard. Spellcast Boost is to get an extra 10% cooldown reduction. Interesting gameplay. Level up Ultimate whenever you can.

Both time manipulation and Inter-Dimensional Portal are great tools for assisting your teammates, and these can open up a lot of interesting possibilities. Scroll to the top to find Beast it the Marvel Super War tier list.

Then for the second use Blink to cover for your lack of disengaging skill or Wound instead of Blink. As when there are steals or invades happen you can sacrifice your Red buff but not Blue buff.

But do this when you see enemy jungler in Bot lane.

Her Ultra Skill becomes useless if enemy is running away, Skill upgrade preference: Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Ultra Skill. Quantum Rifle is a jungle item. Your Ultra skill combined with Eye of Agamotto is very good, use it timely during fights or under the enemy tower. The next item is Nightsword to boost basic attack damage after using a skill as Thor has low cooldown on all skills. Use this Power Core when playing Ebony Maw with damage build. Swapping from melee to range stance and backward require some mental gymnastics. After Groot is dead, you can scout the bushes or Surtur and Avatar of Bast.

Take Concussive Beam at level 1 and prioritize upgrading it, this is your prime damage ability. In every match, always aim to get a 40% cooldown reduction 1. DPS (80%) PERTAHANAN (40%) MOBILITAS (80%) SUPPORT (100%) Pixie is a support hero.

Black Widow doesn’t have any defensive ability whatsoever, which means that she can be easily eliminated if caught off guard. It has very good sustain since it has both life-steal items. Squirrel Girl has very good mobility from Skill 2 & 3, She has good sustain and regen from Passive, Skill 1 and Skill 3, She can be played as solo top laner or split pusher as she has good lane clearance and good escaping skills, As compared to other Tanks Squirrel Girl can’t protect her teammates as she has no CC skill, Her Skill 3 can be cancelled if used a strong CC skill or getting away so she has no landing area. Agility Boost is going to help him roam much faster in lanes. For the last two items focus on Energy damage increase. This build also focuses on increasing the damage of you passive because of Starlight Armor, so always hit an enemy with basic attack after using your skills. Skill upgrade preference: Ultra Skill > Skill 2 > Skill 1 > Skill 3, In tactic always have Blink as Hela doesn’t have any Blink skill. His Ultra skill makes him untargetable which is very annoying for assassins and other Heroes who Tower dive to kill him.

Titan Rage slows down the enemies and enhances Thanos’ next attack to deal bonus damage and knock enemies up. However, against players that aren’t aware of his skill set, the Executioner can seem like an unstoppable force.

Skill 2: 1 stack, only when you use range attack. His first appearance was in The Fantastic Four #1, in 1961, and he has the power of extreme elasticity, giving him various physical advantages and immunity to most attacks. *, *If you buy physical attack items on Heimdall it will boost his skill damage also and if you buy items that gives Max HP it increases his shield generation and HP regen from Ultra Skill. When you go big it also helps you in fast lane clearance, Skill in normal and small form is blink skill use it to position yourself better during team fights then go big, Before any fights or skill combos have your enhanced basic attack ready, it’ll silence (make them small) the enemies. She is a perfect character to pick as your main, able to carry teams, not so unforgiving of mistakes (unlike Proxima Midnight), and yet there is always room for improvement. Blink is the only reliable escape tool. Sell these when you get to your last item. Unstable Radiation: Multiple attacks on enemies will deal extra damage.

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