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really ALL the spoilers are under the cut …. DR WATSON:  Listen, Sherlock, she doesn’t love me at all to begin with. Sherlok v Rossii This series is so good.

We see the world from Watson’s perspective. Sherlock Holmes (2013), or, as it seems to be popularly called, New Russian Holmes (as opposed to the old Soviet Holmes), is an eight-episode Russian-language Sherlock Holmes adaptation directed by Andrei Kavun, starring Igor Petrenko as Holmes and Andrei Panin as Watson.

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Miss Ellen Sundengrast - twin sister of the murdered Joyce Sundengrast - the talented artist who promised Holmes to draw a portrait of Elizabeth Baker. Video availability outside of United States varies. It’s not dark and edgy for the sake of being dark and edgy.

Holmes contacts relatives of the four murdered women.

New Russian Sherlock Holmes... spiritcc: “ …is watchable. Holmes' reputation as a talented crime solver hasn't yet reached St. Petersburg, so no one takes the London detective, or his deductions, seriously. Lasting two and a half hours the production had been very popular, so a new version was commissioned in 1978. @ebaeschnbliah. False names. Working as a team helping them to solve the crime but they understand that winning the war never means that war is over. ШЕРЛОК ХОЛМС airs on … Just write like Stevenson …, DR WATSON:  Like Stevenson?

This is another thing that I like about this version: they address the psychological issues of a former soldier coming back from war and having to adjust.

Sherlock Holmes is a Russian television crime drama series based on the Sherlock Holmes … Add the first question.

Aside from the novelty of watching Russian actors playing Victorian era Englishmen, this version departs from the previous portrayals of the main charactors, but if you're a Sherlock Holmes buff, it's all good. Holmes is there to get him out.

And this Russian London is itself more grimy, chaotic, impoverished, desperate than the drawing room sets of the Grenada productions. Irene tries to convince him that she made a mistake then and asks, even begs him to go away with her. Every other adaptation (with the exception of Bert Coules’ radio series perhaps, but even that adheres to canon quite strictly) treats canon as more or less the “truth” and bases their version off that to create an output; this show treats canon as the output, and works backwards to imagine the “true” series of events behind it.

Of course, at that moment Lestrade knocks downstairs at the door in pursuit of the now deceased. He has a cattle ranch in Scotland and four grown daughters.

The ring on his finger is marked with four swords, in pairs crossed at the tops, forming a M …. Then Miss Elizabeth Baker turns up at 221b Baker Street. When the ladies, one by one, were murdered, it was to late for poor Mr.Calloway to go to the police. And Holmes knows a man who enjoyes especially this unique brand …. The other news (good?

Title: They are recreating most of the cases from scratch, as proved by the first double episode “Baker Street, 221b”.

Arthur Conan Doyle meets Fyodor Dostoevsky. As such, here’s a review of the new Russian Sherlock Holmes series’ first double episode! The enemy soldiers got angry and turned them around from each other. Her real name is Jane Lonegan.

Dr.Watson and Mrs.Hudsen - A matter of the heart. A plan is made, a trap is set, the killer  - Henry Thomas Calloway - caught and brought to justice.

Holmes in real life is different, Watson is different, Mrs Hudson is different, the cases went differently, hell, even Gregson is different. Select the department you want to search in.

Among other gifts that this series provides us with is the disguises, Holmes uses plenty of them. Yes, you will even love Lestrade.

Here is this news / my translation from Russian: "Since January of 2009 The Russian Central Partnership Company begins the preparation period to …

Sherlock Holmes (2013), or, as it seems to be popularly called, New Russian Holmes (as opposed to the old Soviet Holmes), is an eight-episode Russian-language Sherlock Holmes adaptation directed by Andrei Kavun, starring Igor Petrenko as Holmes and Andrei Panin as Watson.

Case successfully closed …. Kudos to the writers and the cast, especially the late Andrey Panin. ШЕРЛОК ХОЛМС airs on россия 1.

The series is inspired by the real story of the Angarsk Maniac. Watson was always in the shadow, an eternal sidekick, he was just a voice to the audience in the bright light of Holmes genius, however there’s more to him that meets the eye.

you’re acting like a … I don’t know … like Byron. The series of shocking murders are forcing two absolutely opposite detectives to unite.

Conan Doyle’s Holmes stories had always been popular in Russia (as had Victorian literature in general) and a television version of The Hound of the Baskervilles had aired in the early 1970s, and was frequently repeated. You can view our Privacy Policy at Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2020.

Please consider becoming a sponsor or donating to help us keep going! EDITOR:  Well, the beginning is intriguing … but lacks … spice.

listen …. To this Holmes though it’s not a special occasion, it feels it’s one of his usual instruments in his line of work – just like in canon (and he’s good at them, not like Robert Downey Jr’s Holmes in the infamous train scene in Game Of Shadows). I’m not sure I like how Lestrade is written: Mikhail Boyarskiy is a great actor but the character itself is really irritating.

Post Jul 03, 2008 #1 2008-07-03T23:42.

He had already become an accomplice and the main suspect.

And Holmes surprises DI Lestrade with a handwritten confession of the late Henry Moulbrey …. Who needs an evening meal anyway ….. It first aired in Russia in November 2013, but has had no official English release. (angry he grabs his coat and scarf). Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. There is hardly the space here for a lengthy review, but, with my ability to watch the series in my native Russian language, I feel that I must be the messenger that provides however short … A voice in the darkness ….

It’s available online to watch (in Russian) at I’ve blogged a lot about this show over the last month or so, but I’ve been meaning to make a big post about it all in one place, so here we go! Listen …. Watson shouted to Small to keep listening to him, however it didn’t help and Small lost the game, then his leg up to the knee. First he lost a great sum of money to a man called Mr.Gilbert Roy. Both Holmes and Watson in this series feel more human, more down to Earth, more vulnerable. He was right of course not to trust her because a few moments later he realizes that she stole an important piece of evidence from his coat pocket. Alexander Sedov. Yes, it differs from canon quite a lot but then this series never claimed to be a direct adaptation in the first place. Much like its predecessor, it’s very action-heavy, and it seems that the first episode is the only one that moves remotely slowly in that way. When the storm starts, the sound of thunder, the adrenaline of fighting and then fleeing suddenly brings back war memories to Watson and he stumbles, clearly having a panic attack. DR WATSON:  What a pitty. A hand reaching out of a cab.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Out of new adaptations only Guy Ritchie’s verse does it (though I still have hopes for BBC or Elementary to do it someday). A mini-series based on the iconic Russian novel of the same name.

Holmes thought for a second and blurted: “Basil Rathbone.” I DIED. X3 Seriously, everyone should watch it at least once.

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