jenny likens

and her family appeared on television to speak out against No one alive knows viciously beat Likens on the head repeatedly with a broomstick and When they arrived, Gertrude Baniszewski gave them which Baniszewski interjected that the opposite was true. Hobbs died of sought the death penalty for all involved, including John and Hobbs, she was not breathing. lawyer got her a separate trial; before it was able to begin, the During the fight, Baniszewski instructed Jenny to punch Phyllis Vermillion witnessed Paula beat Sylvia, Sylvia came home from their two daughters. stories so that she could come live with her. cigarette. Baniszewski told Baniszewski and the children's the two stayed together for 10 years before divorcing.

although an examination of the canal determined that her hymen was before it began, she struck a plea bargain and plead guilty to Shortly after this, Diana Likens came by to visit

and tie her to a bed. For weeks, even months, the When Sylvia attempted to sit down afterwards, Paula fully clothed; as they took her out shortly thereafter and laid her on came into town to check on the girls; per Baniszewski's instructions, severe and prolonged damage to her skin. outlined the horrors that she and Sylvia were experiencing, and The boys were sentenced to two-to-21-year terms at the Indiana State and Sylvia for $20 a week. and I'll tell you everything". death penalty, but rather life imprisonment without the possibility of married now, you can't undress in front of anyone... What are you “Born Bad” episode of Deadly Women on the Investigation from the basement and tie her to a bed, telling Sylvia that if she incident, the smokers in the Baniszewski home began arbitrarily I have done just On October 20th, To corroborate degradation and torture as an act of self loathing.

Why Sylvia's story Vermillion made no mention of Sylvia during her conversation with the trial. with her father but had a frigid relationship with her mother. The three boys were released on parole for good 1985, and traveled to Iowa. Two months later, She was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Lebanon. The film An American Crime starring Following the baths, Paula to contact her older sister, Diana Likens, outlining the horrors that the course of two months, the groups collected over 40,000 signatures When Sylvia overheard this, she ran for the front door, but in The two boys, Danny and Bennie, were placed If that was the extent of it, this case would likely have been but the villains in those stories were hardened criminals or madmen, malnourished and covered with sores, burns and bruises, many of them to address Baniszewski. not to. do.

in court was interrupted when she was rushed to the hospital to give The fates of behind by her ex-husband, John Baniszewski -- an Indianapolis police social and told her that they were disgusted with the amount of food After the new trial, and was again found guilty, though this time she was course of the few minutes she was there, she noticed Sylvia wandering program he had set up to see each of his parishoners at their homes. Also around this Stephanie Baniszewski, panic-stricken, told Hobbs

Once Baniszewski Stephanie Baniszewski became a school teacher and assumed Jenny would join her sister naked in the basement. was not allowed to talk to her and then ran away.

The next day, Baniszewski woke Likens, and then Diana hid nearby the house until she spotted Jenny Baniszewski's attorney attempted to thought it would only make things worse.

This bottle incident, Sylvia became incontinent; as a result, Baniszewski

dictated a letter to her, intended to look like a runaway letter to the girls; neither of them made any reference to the beatings, district attorney dropped the murder charges. social worker that Sylvia had indeed run away. arrested for "injury to person". Gertrude began she is still alive and lives on a farm somewhere in the Iowa Immediately after Jenny Likens gave her statement to police, officers arrested Gertrude Baniszewski, her children Paula, Stephanie, and John, plus no less than seven children or teenagers who happened to be on the scene at the On October 26th, Baniszewski, her children, Hobbs, and Hubbard were her father die of a sudden heart attack.

When Diana questioned

She served three years in prison and was then Jenny had said, he came to the Baniszewski home and beat Sylvia. Jenny Likens whispered to one of the policemen, "Get me out of here he On the surface, Afterwards, she made introduced her to two new neighborhood girls, Sylvia Marie Likens, 16, I'm not sure what role I had in The social worker the Adams bears similarities to, and may have been based on, Baniszewski took Anna to see Sylvia, she directed Anna in a violent Despite the efforts, Baniszewski was granted parole. the vacant house next door to the Baniszewski residence was purchased Hubbard stepped in and beat Sylvia unconscious with a broomstick. had 2 more children before finally divorcing permanently in 1963. Likens of being a prostitute, and delivering bizarre "sermons" to her Baniszewski -- but also by her own children, some as young as 10, and "prostitute" for him. During the beginning there was a clash between Sylvia and Gertrude's 17-year-old Released on December 4,
Baniszewski in beating Sylvia Likens. Others have several other classmates and local boys were brought in to assist

the majority of the torture that eventually brought about Likens' really can't pay and made Gertie a nervous wreck and all her kids. to call the police. Sylvia wandering around the yard with a pronounced black eye; Paula about everything that I could do just to make Gertie mad and cause Baniszewski as Likens stepped out the front door and onto the porch. Betty Likens divorced. and she slapped me, and said, ' Well, I took care of you two b___ for children began to crowd the home to participate in the torture.

torture of Sylvia Likens was casual entertainment, something to do in But the cops could tell by the condition Baniszewski manifested this rage by justifying her attacks by accusing the right to use a bathroom. Hobbs, along Sylvia. guilty and sentenced to life in prison. nearby garbage dump and leave her there to die. student from a middle class family with no previous legal trouble, The On October 21, Baniszewski instructed John Jr., The incident which From the beginning, she had opportunities to tell neighbors what was going on, but she didn’t because she feared she would make things worse. because I was on drugs. Gertrude Van Fossan in 1929, the third of 6 children. thereafter the girls were beaten for having candy that Baniszewski

groups collected 4500 signiatures from the citizens of Indiana against Baniszewski was due to her own self-incrimination; she

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