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That night, Rossendale invents a story for his fellow officers to explain the destruction of his sword and pistol, but later confesses the truth to Witherspoon. Hugh Fraser is best known for playing Captain Hastings in Agatha Christie's Poirot and the Duke of Wellington in Sharpe. I never mind men running as long as they come back. His films include, Patriot Games, 101 Dalmatians, The Draughtsman's Contract and Clint Eastwood's Firefox. His theatre work includes David Hare's Teeth'n'Smiles at the Royal Court and Wyndhams, and various roles for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

"Sharpe" Sharpe's Waterloo (TV Episode 1997) Hugh Fraser as Wellington. Wellington

Ain't they? Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) cannot resist the chance to finally see his enemy and breaks his promise to his French lover Lucille (Cécile Paoli) to fight no more. Wellesley promotes Sharpe to captain for his part in the skirmish, instead of Gibbons (though there is no guarantee that he will be able to keep his new rank).

Some of them, Lord Uxbridge, some of them.

My lads, you look blown from your run.

Better counsel prevailed. : What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top … Whilst advancing, Sharpe glimpses Napoleon as he rides off in defeat. As the battle rages, both Lucille and Jane wait for news; Lucille praying for Sharpe's safe return and Jane writing in her diary that she is pregnant with Rossendale's bastard child. Wellington

Paul Trussell's character of Isaiah Tongue does not appear in later episodes. Has he been?

Afterwards, Sharpe plants the Eagle on Lennox's grave.

However, unlike his adulterous wife Jane (Abigail Cruttenden), she forgives him and accompanies him to the battlefield, where he finds employment as a lieutenant colonel on the staff of Prince William of Orange (Paul Bettany) and makes the acquaintance of his aide de camp Colonel Rebecque (Oliver Tobias). Wellington Prince William of Orange : Meanwhile, Lord Rossendale (Alexis Denisof) has joined the staff of Lord Uxbridge (Neil Dickson), Wellington's second-in-command, and has brought his lover, Sharpe's estranged wife Jane, with him to Brussels, but they find that not only will polite society refuse to accept or even acknowledge Jane but also that Sharpe is also in Brussels and close by.

Lennox strenuously objects, but obeys the command. Good day to you.

As the Prussians finally arrived, Wellington gives Sharpe command of the regiment and tells him to pursue the retreating enemy.

Sharpe witnesses more instances of the absolute military incompetence of Prince William. :


Sharpe scouts the French forces, while a contingent of Dutch musketeers holds a French column off. He spots French troops and sends a Dutch cavalryman on patrol to alert the Allied command.

Prince William of Orange

We're holding the woods, I do believe... yes. Prince William of Orange At the crucial point of the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon sends in his elite Imperial Guard. In the film, this number is trimmed down significantly, as only the Chosen Men and Sgt. Company Credits Richard Sharpe Die Scharfschützen - Collection 2: Bean, Sean, O'Malley, Daragh, Fraser, Hugh, Clegg, Tom:

The Leroy in the novel has no connection with slave-trading.

Don't let them stand, see them off our land! Adulterous rogue. He orders Lieutenant Richard Sharpe and his band of "chosen men" to accompany the arrogantly incompetent, newly arrived Sir Henry Simmerson and his South Essex Regiment on a small, but significant mission to destroy a bridge vital to French troop movements. : Then we will go back and try if we can do better.



To forestall a duel, Wellesley orders a night patrol to be led by Sharpe and Berry.

They succeed in stopping the French attack. Now they have guns.

Uxbridge Coming up. In 1809, Sir Arthur Wellesley, commander of the British forces in the Iberian Peninsula, prepares to invade French-controlled Spain.

Plans? Sharpe captures the unit's Eagle, making him famous throughout England and ensuring that he remains a captain. Very close.

Prince of... South Essex! : But as Boney has not yet confided in me, I cannot confide in you.

However, Major Lennox (David Ashton), who knew Sharpe from their days in India, and American-born Captain Leroy (Gavan O'Herlihy) appreciate his military skill and sense of honour.


Wellington As Sharpe is leaving, he runs into Jane and Rossendale; he chases Rossendale and challenges him in front of the guests. I want them to clear that road, I want it handsomely arranged with guns.

Uxbridge Sharpe re-encounters Rossendale on the field; Rossendale draws a pistol on Sharpe, but does not have the courage to fire as Sharpe calmly rides up to him. Oh, they've always had guns, your royal highness.


Much the same. : | [as Wellington sits down to dinner, the night before the battle]. :

Hugh Fraser (born 23 October 1945) is an English actor, theatre director and author.

Meanwhile, on another part of the battlefield, Rossendale finally bravely fights French cuirassiers, but is killed.

Simmerson, seeing a French column approaching his position, flees. While both the novel and the film follow a similar plot, many of the characters and events are altered from the former, often in order to minimise production costs. He's been seen.

Richard Sharpe

[under his breath] 

: Oh my god.

Meanwhile, Josefina finds a new protector in Captain Leroy.

Believing that La Haye Sainte has fallen, Prince William orders an English regiment to reform from square to line and re-capture the farm.


He then alerts the Duke of Wellington (Hugh Fraser) at a ball in Brussels that Napoleon is on the move. It was David Troughton's second and last appearance as Sir Arthur Wellesley; due to illness, he was replaced by Hugh Fraser. It's the French.

Where are your men? The character of Captain Thomas Leroy is significantly different in the film, adding in a subplot that he made his fortune as a slave-trader. I stand corrected, highness.

Wellington Come back here, you cowards! Uxbridge

TV Shows. So, to your beef, Uxbridge. Does the army want for anything?

At just the right moment, Sharpe and his riflemen attack the wavering French soldiers in the flank, sending them into headlong retreat. Indeed we are. Wellington? : In 1815, war breaks out once more as Napoleon returns to France from exile on Elba.

Wellington Any word at all? They wanted to give him command over me.

: :

Release Dates Sharpe then rejoins his old unit, the Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers, taking over when its commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Ford, becomes a casualty.

[looks around]  He saves a King's German Legion officer, Macduff. :

His fears are realised when a hidden French cavalry unit surprises and overruns the British instead; Lennox is fatally wounded and the King's colours are lost.

Sharpe is sent to command the defence of a crucial farmhouse at La Haye Sainte, which is manned by the King's German Legion and the 95th Rifles.

Prince William of Orange When? I ought to know! [to the retreating Dutch troops]  Wellington Wellington :


As Sharpe is leaving, he runs into Jane and Rossendale; he chases Rossendale and challenges him in front of the guests. Die Scharfschützen - Collection/Komplettbox: Bean, Sean, Fraser, Hugh, O'Malley, Daragh, Byrne, Michael, Clegg, Tom: Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven. The Prince of Orange. How close? [the Prince of Orange rides to Wellington's side].

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