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When she called back, Robinson had something curious to report. "If she had be walking away from her condo to where she was found, that traffic would be on her left. Then there's the issue of the Holly's purse. I think it's really important that Holly's story gets told properly.". HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning), Machine Tools, Metalworking and Metallurgy, Aboriginal, First Nations & Native American.

"She had this huge smile on her face. Now, nearly four years later, people who knew Holly are frustrated and angry at the lack of answers, while the police department remains indifferent to new facts that could explain things, and to her family's suffering. Holly Bartlett was leading a busy, complicated life back in March of 2010. She died in the hospital the next day. Transit officials refused to give the video to Brian, but it was found and given to detective Kim Robinson. Brian sensed there was more to it. Update, February 24, 2014: Halifax Regional Police and Halifax District RCMP have announced an independent review of the police investigation into Holly Bartlett's death.For more information, click here.. Work finished early that Friday afternoon, but Holly Bartlett's day was just getting started. A large part of the police theory about how Bartlett died was based on Fraser's statement about how drunk she was that night. But all the good things that were happening in Bartlett’s life came to a screeching halt on a cold night in March 2010.

The cable abutment is to the right, beyond the fence. "Holly shouldn't be remembered that way.

They thought she was dead, but then they noticed she was trying to breathe. She would just have to get out of the door and walk straight ahead to the condo door. We couldn't really do a whole heck of a lot without a conviction and without any further information from the police.". ", Soon after Holly had bought the condo in 2007, Herring gave Holly a ride home.

Listen online, no signup necessary. The group says police show continued distrust of Brian, perhaps because he's a civilian, even though, whatever his credentials, Brian discovered relevant information. Work finished early that Friday afternoon, but Holly Bartlett's day was just getting started. Our program was incredibly demanding, and we had to unwind.". Read more about the work we do here, or consider making a voluntary donation using the button below. He decided to hand the investigation over to Quebec City Police for review. The cable abutment under the MacKay Bridge, as it appeared in 2010. While local authorities determined Holly's death was accidental—stating she simply became disoriented and fell—there remains several unanswered questions, compelling evidence, and many theories about how she may have died. '", The pair went to the the airfield in Berwick, where Holly went on a tandem jump with an instructor. "They thought, 'That poor little blind drunk girl.' Holly's building, Convoy Towers, is less than 300 metres from Novalea—reached by a left off North Ridge, up through a sloped parking lot and to the circular driveway in front of the building. Then last month, police announced the investigation into her death would undergo an independent police review.

"I'll be back Saturday," she told her father. "Even not knowing where she was," says Herring, "she would've been able to perceive. There have been changes to the area in the intervening years, including the construction of a second fence and the re-surfacing of the abutment. With the help of a lawyer, this past summer, on July 15, Marion filed a Freedom of Information request with the police department.

Thank you for your support! "To be able to say, 'All right, is there something that we missed here?".

The phone and other items were found between two cars, across the lot from where the cab driver said he had left Holly off. But tonight, Holly needed a break. Extrapolating back from the .09 percent blood alcohol level Holly had Saturday morning, he estimates that at time Holly was dropped off Friday night, she had a blood alcohol level of around 0.2 percent. She turned and followed that secondary path all the way to a service door at the Kencrest apartment, which was presumably locked. An ambulance soon arrived, and the EMTs who examined Holly found severe bruises on her face, cuts on her hands and knees. On September 10, the police department sent Marion a handful of police occurrence reports—the notes officers place into the record after they are dispatched to a scene—and McKinley's supervisor's notes, but nothing else. I had 100 percent confidence that the taxi driver would do what he was supposed to do. It's not known why her cellphone and wallet were found outside her building, instead of with her. The new TV series and accompanying podcast revisit Bartlett’s case. bans all social gatherings, indoor group physical activities in Lower Mainland amid surging COVID cases, ‘You’re fired’: Celebrities react to projected Trump defeat, Biden-Harris win, 980 CKNW: Five facts you didn’t know about late former PM John Turner, Here are some of the lawsuits, criminal probes that await Trump as he leaves office, U.S. election results: Live, real-time election results as Joe Biden set to become president, President-elect Joe Biden pledges to unite Americans in victory speech, Aerosol spread of coronavirus underscores importance of avoiding ‘three Cs’: Tam, America Votes 2020: Trump refuses to accept Biden victory, doubles down on legal challenges, Coronavirus: B.C. ", The "initial fall just outside her residence" comes from Fraser's changed story—it wasn't part of McKinley's first theories about what happened. Herlt works for Cherubini Metal Works, which had been hired to install two towers beneath the MacKay Bridge, near where the two giant cables that hold up the suspension bridge make landfall on the Halifax side. In 2005, when her boyfriend landed a job in Halifax, Holly decided it was time to move back to town. At one point during the investigation, Holly's mom spoke with detective Robinson about the unsettling lack of facts in the seven hours between Holly leaving Dalhousie in a cab and her being found by the abutment. Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2010 In life Holly Bartlett was a conqueror. "He didn't want to admit to taking money from a blind person," says Blais. Holly tried to sit with her dad as often as she could, but she took that Friday night as her own time. At 8:20 Saturday morning, however, Marion received a call from the police. "That in and of itself would be enough to kind of explain all of the movement.

A few weeks before, Holly had started a job as a researcher for the province. Convoy Towers is at the very end of the #7 bus route, and the bus typically waits at the stop on North Ridge Road for its schedule to catch up with it. I was just, you know, a little cashier manager from Shoppers Drug Mart.

I said, 'If I lost a child in there, I tell you, I wouldn't rest until I learned what was going on.

Then there's the fall itself.

At a time when the city needs local coverage more than ever, we’re asking for your help to support independent journalism. Although vehicles have to make the left turn from Novalea to North Ridge in order to avoid the bridge, pedestrians can go straight at the intersection, walking on an asphalt footpath that leads under the bridge to Seaview Lookoff Park. The police theorize that Holly crawled up the cement incline, on hands and knees, one hand before the other. Blais has said the information from the psychic was provided by Bartlett's family.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ocean's highly talented team has created projects like To Catch a Killer for OWN Network, The Candy Show for APTN, and Spice Goddess for Food Network.

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