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And he is charismatic enough that they don't just dump his ass after all the shit he has pulled, despite them never fully trusting him.

It’s nice to poke around and see what’s up.

Hero? Hero/Villain; Tumblr Prompt; Summary. Originally Posted on FanFiction.Net; Summary.

He might have broken something. I am gonna have to give that a read. Bill Cipher and either Dipper or Mable from gravity falls is supernatural! Rowan Skailing has lived his whole life defying the rules. Through that love, we allow our beloved to see their potential. You're Barry Allen's girlfriend. Not to forget, there's also Meagan McKinney's When Angels Fall. ), I do remember reading Dragonlance back in high school. Oh? It's not like he had anyone that would scold him, so what did it matter if he decided to break a few laws? Also, on the topic of Sarah/Jareth, you've probably come across these, but Subtilior writes amazingly beautiful dark fic. "I know reading social clues is not your kind of thing, Donoff, but in general when you kill someone, it means you want to see less of them, not more. But the next one's gonna be longer, The Hero Loves a Villain (Victor Creed x Reader), Original Male Character/Original Male Character, Alternate Universe - Superheroes/Superpowers, Alternate Universe - Quirks (My Hero Academia), Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting, 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia.

He ends up inheriting his ancestor's unique and destructive psychic abilities. ik that draco and snape are not villains :II. Please consider turning it on! They all need to attend a masquerade ball to find the person behind this murders. Jade also had a crush on door demon Hsi Wu for like... one episode, so you can sometimes find fics for that pairing floating around. “Right here. Also gonna be multi-chapter. A Girl Driven To Madness. Stephanie Rogers Barnes aka Captain America, was declared KIA in the winter of 1944 after falling off of a train. By that love, we see potential in our beloved.

My first time bouncing full on into fanfiction was for the pairing of Jade Chan and Drago from Jackie Chan Adventures. Through an open letter to the man he once loved, Viktor captures the thoughts and observations that strike him from the other side when he meets Yuuri again, two years after they fell into an intimacy of which they never recovered from. Harry morally objects to John being head of a mob that distributes drugs and commits other crimes in the ends justify the means way. I ship them anywhere in this timeline and really like old man AUs where Javert lives. # this story will be a bxb story # no lemon just fluff May I recommend Link and/or Zelda paired with literally ANY of the villains from the Legend of Zelda game series? Yuuma Kageyama is the descendant of Mob, now living in the age where quirks exists. [ MHA! The Drowning Sky by zamwessell (greencarnation), Transformers has a plethora of Decepticon/Autobot ships. He smirked, his lips brushing against Hawks' ear. Haven't read anything from it in YEARS, but... perma WIP but still absolutely great fic is Enslaved by sharkflip, which is an in-universe AU that requires little knowledge of canon + ages up the characters + goes really in depth with the Inuit culture that inspired the Water Tribe. Which wouldn't be a problem, if he wasn't moonlighting as a superhero and his nemesis didn't keep tying him to chairs.

And the thing stuck in their heads ke... "Design" your villain/hero costume! which harry potter villain is your soulmate . If you have a fic to rec that fits this, I would appreciate hearing about it and If you have a fic from the ships I listed, and I haven’t commented, I would love … That last one is recent cuz friends have sent it my way and I find it kinda cute. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). After decades of this Javert has his mind changed by Valjean and lets him go. Another work by the same author (Laura Kinsale) is Shadowheartwho is considered to be the villain and a skilled assassin in the first book of the two in the series 'Medieval Hearts'. Especially the rare pairs.

. Hurray! After Izuku experience a tragedy he runs and changes realizing that he is alone he decides to do what he has to in order to survive. You can never go wrong with Batman/Joker. I am going to be so busy and I love this. Or this building turns to dust.”. --"Demons" by Image Dragons. Transformers canon is a mess so you can pick and choose what backstory you want. Warnings for blood and gore and eventual smut. Might be bang on, mi... "ᴀ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ ɢᴏᴅ ꜱᴘɪɴ-ᴏꜰꜰ." I freaking love their dynamic in fanfics because one can’t survive without the other. The villain turning to putty for a hero/heroine is a soft spot for me. I'd love for you to be my sidekick while you're training. Het, FF, MM, OT3 ... anything really.

Lance and Keith have a fallout after a bad day on the job. He wanted to be a hero when he was a kid, but things happened that made him unsure. If you like characters that REALLY REALLY butt heads in canon the ZADR (Zim/Dib) pairing from Invader Zim might be a flavor you enjoy. Also for the same ship, there's Pygmalion, which does so so beautifully in 5k words what took me 160k to do. It's entirely possible that Jake enjoys getting tied up a little too much. Valjean eventually manages to escape and slowly turn his life around. Work Search: (and if you like her, she also has a lot of Kaka/Saku fic on FFN that's super good too, though not Hero/Villain). I also remember being an teen and sad season 4 of the show ended and nothing really happenned between Kade and season villain Tarakudo. I... Every wondered what My Hero Academia villain you were?

That’s sounds like a good time. Read Chapter 8 from the story A Villain Or A Hero? The villain growled before lunging towards him only to be met with an uppercut to the jaw, making him explode everywhere as everyone looked at Izuku in awe and a little bit of fear. But is the person under the mask really his enemy? Lance is hurt and believes that Keith cares more about being a villain than about Lance and their relationship. Unless you show me how' just watch me claim both their thrones.” Meet Mikasa Train, a self-proclaimed Anti-Villain who’s famous for breaking the law. Gekkōin approves. Ganondorf, Vaati, Ghirahim, Demise, Shadow Link, Zant, etc. Yeah, THAT'S unexpected.

Yoichi, known as 'Valkyrie' to the city, has a new challenge- the sly, stealthy thief who calls himself 'Aether'. Results don't obviously lead to characters and this quiz only has male results so if you like guys this is for you :D ! Or better yet, watching the heroine become tempted by the villain, and in turn, witnessing the heart of the anti-hero … Chat Noir gets trapped by an akuma and has to face his mortal enemy. Or Yami Bakura. I’m open to learning about more pairs that have this type of dynamic. It was what a hero would do, but Hawks hesitated. My first ship ever at age 8 in 1999 was Usagi/Prince Demande from the 90's anime version of Sailor Moon. The Little Esper Hero [mha/bnha x mob pyscho 100 AU], Fight a villain and I'll tell you who noticed you!

In which a young doctor, who works a part time job in the Hosu City Hospital hides behind a composed persona by day, but purges by night.

Het, FF, MM, OT3 ... anything really.

Everybody pretty much knew her, but there were a lot of villains who wanted to take her eyes.

Art in quiz is not mine! Anyway, let me know your H/V ships. A case that causes more trouble to the 1A class. Most fics involving the two latter that I've seen usually age them up to 19. I fell in love with Pitch Black/Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians in a "we are more alike then you'd think."

(I included Kaminari this time) You'll engage in a battle and receive a mha boy depending on your choices! Paper Moon by Andraste, I like David8/Elizabeth from Prometheus. find out what hero or villain likes youuuuu in bhna. Also also, if I can pimp myself, I wrote a sequel fic to Frozen (Hans/Anna pairing) that checks both your Hero/Villain and Supernatural/Mortal boxes and that's all I'll say without spoiling it. They're more like RIVALS than hero/villain tho. Thanks everyone.

Honesty, it’s hard to find people who get it these days with out a little kink shaming shade getting thrown, ya know?

Megatron/Optimus is the most popular. Which one do you think I am? ", Honestly, Valkyrie's knuckles hurt. My otp is deity/mortal (undead). Sympathic Magic by Nemo_the_Everbeing, Javert/Valjean from Les Miserables. A Asassian That Wants To Prove He Is More Than The Monster His Village Thinks He Is. It’s been a long time since I played DND and even longer since the cartoon series (wasn’t there a movie too? Let's begin . John sees Harry as a loose canon he'll someday have to take out if they ever become too antagonistic. Also there’s so many alternate avenues that Batman has taken that there’s a plethora of different interpretations to fit anyone’s needs. Chloe/Lucifer is solidly a friendship pairing, but Lucifer is also like the "villain" of humanity, so... idk, it's got a similar feeling at times. (And by something happen I don't mean canon stuff... but there was this one line he said calling back to an earlier episode and it NEVER came back!!!) A Princess That Doesn't Want To Save Her Kingdom. Villain? I'm sure I can come up with more but it's like 6am... You all are coming up with some good stuff! Imagine being Scott Summer's little sister and being in a relationship with Sabretooth (Victor Creed). My favorite part of a good romance is dark and stormy: the villain! He is not a vigilant too. I have one in the dungeons and dragons fandom that is a villain redemption fic, evil vampire lord cursed with a new morality and now he's gotta figure out how to be good while haunted by the memories of his past. Some Yu-Gi-Oh! I have mixed feelings about the movie, but this pairing works for me. Another two great ships from the same fandom are Clarke/Lexa and Clarke/Bellamy from the 100. People who have fought each other for thousands of years, sometimes their whole lives.

Or perhaps he has bigger plans for you. Based on your looks and personality, would Villain Deku spare your life? I adore Subtilior's fic too. Sometimes, life hits you quite vigorously and you persevere, sticking it out. Despite that, John is one of the few people Harry can maintain eye contact with because they have seen each others souls and they team up to take out bigger threats to their city. This thing called love I just can't handle itthis thing called love I must get round to itI ain't ready. I’m not against trying out something new. Them surviving on a ship after the events of the movie; Elizabeth questioning her faith and reality, trying to decide if she can trust David8 who is vital to her survival. There's a million different ways that they kiss, in a million different places, on a million different earths, but somehow every single one feels like home.

In which Tony is missing, Loki is sleeping with him, the Avengers are clueless, and a pair of loafers starts talking. He is an exact copy of Scorpius that lives in John Crichton's head, but over time with exposure to John's brain be becomes his own character. I'm also a strong lover of Bowser/Peach from the Mario series. Keith tries to explain to Lance that their jobs require them to fight each other and to hurt one another.

Take this quiz for answers from fate itself! It is a great multi-seasonal progression of Hero/Villain in canon that ends more-or-less satisfyingly with a lot of potential for both AU and sequel fics.

What if they were one of our popular boys' childhood friend? Could his risky attit... (Y/n) Watch was born with the, All Seeing Eyes Of God.

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