hang on sentence

the chains to hang it by attached to the upper rim, while from the lower rim depend pearls, sapphires and a series of richly jewelled letters 2 in.

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Finally, confine your cat to a small space with the litter box for several days or even for a couple of weeks until he gets the hang of using the litter box again. Before you hang the first picture on the wall arrange your artwork on the floor in the pattern that you will want it to be on the wall. *After finishing the decorations, the dance room looked beautiful. You are not yet acquainted with the Greeks and Albanians: when I hang up one of these wretches on the plane-tree, brother robs brother under the very branches: if I burn one of them alive, the son is ready to steal his father's ashes to sell them for money. There is an arch at 33m, outside of which schools of huge barracuda hang in the blue. Alternatively hang coral or seaweed prints.

Two bands, or infulae, as they are called, hang from it as in the case of a mitre. Here’s an important rule to remember: The subject of the main clause is always the subject of opening word groups like elliptical (adverb) clauses and verbal phrases (whether an infinitive, a participle, or a gerund in a prepositional phrase). Our yearbook comes out in June. Hang the boards up in the game room on a diagonal for effective wall décor. Males of the Argyopidae hang on the outskirt s of the webs of the females and signal their presence to her by jerking the radial threads in a peculiar manner.
He has told, in dramatic manner, of his more desperate endeavour to hang himself with a garter. 4, Hang on !I'll be back in a couple of shakes! In old Babylonia both the arms and the whole of the right shoulder were originally uncovered, and one end of the garment was allowed to hang loose over the left arm.

hang out in all the cool places with our reps. hang by a tenuous thread, and what was strong is ruined by sudden chance.

Hang a few dried herbs and copper pots and your look is complete. Don't hang our lateness on me—I was actually ready on time! Hang in there — and when you're ready to talk, I'm ready to listen.

An adjective clause should come directly after the word it modifies.

That isn’t the dress she was wearing earlier. “Crowd tragedies” refers to general tragedies, but only specific tragedies that have actually occurred can continue to take lives. From 1416 citizens were obliged to hang out candles between certain hours on dark nights to illuminate the streets. The ears are long, broad and thin, and hang down by the side FIG. Hang around and the nasty Dr. X starts to sabotage the site really ! Once weâre done, Iâm just going to hang out with my brother and speak in as many different annoying accents as we can. Why don't you hang up your clothes? They commonly hang poised in the air, then dart with lightning swiftness to another spot and poise themselves again.

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