godzilla vs cthulhu death battle

Cthulhu doesn't have any feats, we don't even know how big he is. Godzilla attacks Cthulhu 4. Though the two temporarily stopped Desghidorah by breaking a dam, the mother Mothra passed away soon after, with the Larva present. Cthulhu in the first place, so I have heard. As for the mental effects of Cthullu, that's chiefly on the rational/higher reasoning brains of humans...Godzilla doens't have one. So, their power isn't enough with "The Real Stronger Characters" (that are ONLY in the shounen animes). Boomstick: And of course we have Cthulhu himself, a Great Old One, waiting for the stars to go right, so he can plunge the world into a new age where he’s ruler! Cthulhu takes damage 5. Along with producing a powerful blue chest laser dubbed the Mineral Chest Cannon, he has Aurora Power, a more powerful variant which was powerful enough to send Dagahra flying after canceling the Pressure Field out. He can also produce a blurb beam from his chest, which could vaporize water on contact. Cthulhu is the embodiment of madness and later canon depictions of Godzilla make him the embodiment of rage (literally filled with hundreds of souls of dead soldiers). The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, Diablo vs Dragon Ball Verse (Z Super and original, Bloodlusted Rimuru Tempest (EoS WN) vs The DB canon Verse (Manga), Which Anime Verse do you want to be in Part 2, Sasuke vs Super Perfect Cell (Equal stats), Who Would You Rather Swap Lives With... #2, Is the jojo community really becoming toxic. Cthulhu always beats godzilla, end of story. Nobody in the comments knows anything about cthulhu! The Pressure Field is another ability of Rainbow Mothra's. In two slices, he removed one of King Ghidorah's wings. Ah mean... Cthulhu is supposed to be supernatural/god or something, right ?! IMAGE DETAILS. Plus Godzilla has experience fighting other monsters, cthulu has only killed humans. Wiz: Yeah.
Today we have Mothra Leo, a son of Mothra in Rebirth of Mothra series. Add a photo to this gallery 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Godzilla 4 Cthulhu 5 DEATH BATTLE! We know Cthulhu has done something with other Elder God-ish creatures, whether or not I'd consider it fighting is harder to determine since it probably wouldn't be a physical battle. Wiz: Like Rainbow Mothra, Armor Mothra can fire a Cross Heat Laser. episode of Death Battle. I don't know why people overrate Cthulu so badly. I know Godzilla isn't invincible, but seriously, Cthulu isn't either. Boomstick: Man! Yea you might wanna recheck your facts buddy. There is, in actuality, little real information on Cthulu. 406 Views. Boomstick: Let’s just say... he’s stacked. Godzilla takes damage 3. Boomstick: Man that’s almost 100 years ago. Cthulhu has never been said to be able to control what kind of insanity he creates so assuming he can affect Godzilla he is just as likely make his stronger as weaker. Cthulhu attacks Godzilla 2. they got (not all) some powerful skills, enchants and weapons, refeared at magic, that would destroy planets... but... they got that just in the parallelal worlds (Re Zero or Konosuba) or videogames worlds (Sword Art Online or No Game No Life). Aqua Mothra can fire a blue X-Thunderbeam or more a powerful orange colored X-Thunderbeam. Wiz: As an added feature, Armor Mothra's wings are durable and sharp, as he can slice opponents by flying across them with his wings. Boomstick: Yeah that doesn’t sound good. Fun fact, IDW Publishing were gonna do a comic on that, but unfortunately it got cancelled. I might be able to help answer this, if anyone still cares. Wiz: As Aqua Mothra, Mothra Leo can swim at 200 knots as well as fly. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He'd take a Godzilla nuke breath and come right back...except now he's RADIOACTIVE. 1. Two godlike beings from their own universe. Then, get flies in a circle in the air, and husband scales conduct the sun’s rays, producing powerful lasers from the he sun’s energy. Death Battle Godzilla (Toho) vs Cthulhu (Lovecraft) Which One Will Win Or Which One Is Stronger. What we do know is that Godzilla can survive a direct hit from a black hole, and I really doubt Cthulhu has any destructive power even close to that. His entire character is based around the horror of. Cthulhu only real chance is to roll the dice and hope he gets the good outcome for insanity, otherwise Godzilla  blasts him into deep space, where he can spend a few millennium plotting revenge and wondering when the radiation burns will heal. Boomstick: And he’s not from our universe. Due to the fact that both are immortal and near impossible to damage let alone kill. Cthulhu's abilities are never actually defined. Link to the Death Battle Idea Series: That's why Cthullu didn't simply reform and chase the boat down. Cthulhu is hundreds of meters tall, well so is Godzilla, at best you can give Cthulhu a head of height over Godzilla. And of course, see who comes out on top in this Death Battle. By Bluelightning733 Watch. So, my guys, stop saying that "Kirito is OP" because he will quicky get killed by a "Real Strong Character". Godzilla would most likely win, and here's why: in his one actual published appearance, Cthullu is in fact "killed" when the yacht carrying the (surviving) sailors that accidentally freed him is used to ram him. The type of place where life is hard. 23 Favourites. Wiz: But Cthulhu’s arrival wasn’t welcomed, by the Elder Things. He can also fly at Mach 15.5, and can reach Mach 85 when using the Excel dash. Boomstick: That does explain the 186,000 miles per second. No wonder why he’s so cool! He can use this on enemies, which is powerful enough to fly through them, cauing them them to slowly crystalize before exploding. Which of these monsters would win? Krueger? Wiz: Attaining the Rainbow Mothra form allows Mothra Leo to change into Aqua Mothra, a more water based form.

Wiz: The ocean. Godzilla easily. Prepare for Light Speed. the only POSSIBLE way for Cthuulu to win would be to somehow keep Godzilla on Rlyeh when it phases back out of existence..maybe the cultists distract him long enough to trick Godzilal to staying there too long?

Wiz: That’s right, Cthulhu has appeared around 5 years before King Kong, and almost 30 years before the first Godzilla. 6. A steamboat is literally nothing to Godzilla. While spinning, Rainbow Mothra is able to fire of energy blasts with an attack called the Arrow Buster. Not much is known about this form. Wiz: Mothra Leo is also able to tap into various forms in his Imago Form. "Godzilla is immune to mental manipulation and making him angry only makes him more powerful. Another ability of Aqua Mothra's is the Space Miracleforce, which is a tractor beam-like ability wwhich allowed him to life Dagahra, who is 17,700 metric tons in mass. Tho i'm faaaaaaaaaaaar from having even limited knowledge of Cthulhu ah think that no version of Big G can beat that thing. Which of these monsters would win? Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Armor Mothra also possesses the Excel Dash Buster.

Godzilla fights things from space worshiped as gods for fun. I need 4 options so heres a picture of Megumin, I need 4 options so heres a picture of Rem. Also, godzilla is super fat and slow, while cthulhu is bigger, badder, faster, and more powerful than godzilla. Boomstick: Like mother like son... well, sort of.

Rebirth of Mothra had King Ghidorah in it as well. Cthulhu's presence can drive you insane, ok, define insane for a giant atomic mutant demon dinosaur, this is just as likely to make it worse for Cthulhu as make it better. Even Overlord is an Isekai (his universe is in a game called Yggdrasil, i remember), so their characters will be easier killed by... i don't know: Freddy Fazbear?

Someone from beyond our universe, thought our universe was a party house and decided to have a visit. THIS IS CANON. Two godlike beings from their own universe. Wiz: Mothra Leo’s Imago form has a wide variety of abilities. (two did, though one went mad and killed himself soon afterwards)  Simple...Cthuulu could only exist in our world when the stars were right. Boomstick: But that doesn’t mean Cthulhu is weak, he’s strong as hell and will take a lot of power to take him down! This is the Armor Mothra form. Wiz: Mothra Leo can also use a Crossheat Laser, fire beams from three gens on husband forehead. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Boomstick: Chewy!
Godzilla would win. Bendy? Ah don't think that physical being Godzilla can beat that. Wiz: Mothra Leo can also cause plant seeds to grow quickly by using a Pulsaphonic Shower, which is used to restore destroyed forests. Cthulhu reforms after being smashed. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Wiz: That’s right, let’s see if Mothra Leo does have enough power to take down Cthulhu. Telepathy, mind manipulation, and even madness manipulation. The purpose of this wiki is to index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. Aqua Mothra can use the X-Thunderbeam, which is an x-shaped blast formed at Mothra's X-positioned wings, and fired from the head. However if pushed i'd have to say Godzilla due to him showing more raw power whereas Cthulhu induces chaos more than actually doing things himself.However I still regret this fight as Cthulhus power are not properly defined.". We know he has some measure of psychic or psychic-like abilities, but the exact nature of extent is never elaborated on. tug boats split Cthuthy's skull, atomic bombs annoy Godzilla. Image … As Rainbow Mothra, his he gain the Crossheat Beam Rainbow, which is a more powerful version of his Crossheat Beams.

Two giant creatures of the deep, one prehistoric and another ancient finally face off! Two titans, One city, One outcome, No pity. If squid-god can be incapacitated by a boat, i'm pretty sure that Godzilla's  atomic breath would take him down, (however temporarily) very easily, nevermind sheer physical prowess. Boomstick: Well, seems we have a pretty great fighter here, but let's see about Mothra Leo's opponent... Wiz: The year was 1928, a decade after World War l ended and a decade after the Spanish Flu began, which ended in 1920. Every psychic that's tried to interface with Godzilla got thier brian fried just from trying, and was barely able to hold his attention for a couple of minutes...Godzilla's brain may be simple, but it is also quite powerful...and his most likely reaction would be to attack the invading presence(much as attempts at control by psychcis invariably leads Godzilla to attack those who tried to 'attack" him.

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