exotic animals for sale in ohio

Search through thousands of Exotic animals for Sale adverts near me in the USA and Europe at AnimalsSale.com. Big cats belong in big spaces.

Animal ownership is not being taken seriously as pertinent to the livelihoods of pet keepers by Ohio's legislators. If you have a problem with the law go to school get a degree and try to get a job in that field but your complaining it's doing nothing. The new Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act had widespread approval and was passed by the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee in a 87–9 vote (the previous S.B. is true or not, anyone who wants a primate should call anyway!

people must find other things to do with their time. Also never participate in cub petting or canned hunting. I believe that all Gods creation have a right to life but what do you do to an animal that attacks and kills. OK, lets back up for one second....A) I am not "stubbornly suggesting" that YOU personally claimed any animal on the list as being dangerous. Now that I think about it, I may even have to agree with your premise as I see its applicability to so many other areas where we are over-regulated.

If we can't even responsibly take care of regular domestic pets, then we sure as hell can't properly care for these exotic creatures. But I know I can't take care of it now so im waiting.

Policies & FAQ. It was all a set up so mr . I never said ALL pets were unhappy either, this was in reference to the dude and the people like the dude that owned Lambert.
Especially if there are no sanctuaries or zoos that can take them. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on May 22, 2013: Hi independentminded, big snakes aren't really so dangerous as long as you know what you're doing. You're wasting your time ranting at the wrong person. Wildanimalpets.com is the genuine and trusted exotic pets supplier worldwide. Burmese python at a reptile demonstration held at a library. Lots of these animals weren't properly kept, and lots were set free by irresponsible owners. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

08/24/2019 150 $ Contact with owner. You can all it domestic or what ever you want, but by NO means does she pose ANY type of danger to anyone & here in Florida we have very strict rules & laws to follow & I for one agree with the rules & regulations as not all Humans care for their animals as they should, hell some Humans don't even know how to care for their own children. The following animals are banned as "pets" with the exception of zoos and sanctuaries: While large carnivores should be regulated with common-sense legislation, an outright ban is unfair. MMA FIGHTER ALPHA MALE on August 30, 2013: Oh, don't worry about Crystal, she's just mad because she can't get any of this. I've never once said ALL exotics are kept improperly, or ALL exotics are depressed and have bad lives. How the Ohio Zoo Massacre Contributed to the Ban. And, once again-I am on YOUR side with this matter. We are not responsible … I fully support this law and I hope more animals like big cat hybrids and apes are completely banned and stop buying exotic animals. I can see why snakes are on the list. There are no licenses...unless you run a circus, zoo, sanctuary, ect. Am I able to own a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog?
The zoos are the next target. We sell our …

What you're saying makes zero sense. How foolish is that? I truly did not mean to target you & only you personally, and I do find this article very interesting. I wouldn't recommend buying any exotic animals except maybe domestic mixes like the Savannah Cat.

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