coolaroo shade sail installation

Stop tensioning when the shade sail is rigid with little or no creases. Important: At least TWO of the sail’s fixing accessories must be tensioning devises. Another tensioning method would be to use a turnbuckle which can aid in applying the proper amount of tension. Connect all points, using rope or wire cable if necessary to gain increased leverage. Sails can be mounted flat or with high and low points. Do not use your barbecue under the shade structure. This creates an architectural “hypar”. Shade Sails can be mounted in a variety of ways. The diameter of the tree where the sail will be fixed must be at least 250mm.

Temporarily remove your Coolaroo® Shade Sail while strong wind conditions exist. PAD EYE: To attach Shade Sail corner ring to a wall in conjunction with “D” Shackle. A flat sail can more difficult to properly tension and can catch rain and wind. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. All of our products are manufactured using unique, thickly knitted fabrics, ideal for awnings, shade sails and pet beds. Coolaroo Ready-to-Hang Shade Sails provide you with just the right amount of shade, wherever you need it! Your Coolaroo® Shade Sail is designed to provide UV protection and comfort in domestic areas. Suggestions of selecting the fixing accessories which best suit your own installation needs: Selecting Fixing Accessories:There is an extensive range of fixing accessories available to help you secure your shade sails. A rope or chain can be used to extend your shade sail to a fixing point if required. More complete and detailed Installation Instructions are included with your Shade Sail product including permanent installation recommendations. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

This slope creates a rise to run ratio of 1 / 3.75. “D” SHACKLE: Use to link Shade Sail corner Pad Eye or Eye bolt. Ideal as a temporary or semi-permanent shade solution, the Ready-to-Hang Shade Sail's pre-attached ropes make installation a breeze. This website uses cookies to improve your user experience.

Construct the perfect place to enjoy your outdoor area even under our extreme Australian conditions. Shade Sails - Installation Tips Shade Sails Installation Suggestions Design and Layout: Shade Sails can be mounted in a variety of ways. Try our shade planner and fit the shade to your space using Google Maps and our Coolaroo shade tool. Keep in mind, these patio shade sails require a lot of tension to get them to stretch tight enough so that they look right, and don’t flap around in the wind. Inspect regularly. The rope can be threaded around a number of times so that it works as a "pulley" mechanism. We recommend that the fixing of the Shade Sails to trees be for TEMPORARY USE ONLY. Stop tensioning when the shade sail is rigid with a little or no creases. This is an installation overview of the Coolaroo Ready-To-Hang Shade Sail.

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