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I secretly endure a nightly battering in the privacy of my home; it’s been relentless, torturous and psychologically damaging. When Laurence Fox was asked who he preferred as the Labour leader, he replied 'Keir Starmer – he just looks like he can take Boris on quite well.' Keeping up with Farage: What’s next for the Brexit party?
So it is entirely understandable that Claire’s election as a Brexit Party North West MEP was very upsetting for the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation. At Oxford University, law students are now officially notified when the content of a lecture might upset them. It’s exhilarating to be with people for whom politics might mean a fresh reboot of democracy; I have been humbled by their energy and hard work. [audioplayer src="" title="Claire Fox and Tom Slater discuss 'Generation Snowflake'" startat=641] The electorate voted Leave; in their droves.

Like her ex-comrades, Claire is a fearless warrior against political correctness and Cancel Culture. ‘Labour are in so much trouble here you can’t even believe it,’ says Nigel Farage as we sit in a… The lockdown has ensured that many millions now gather round the TV and watch the daily press conference from No.10.… Claire Fox is a brave, combative and articulate general on the right side in this war. A third group in the room (be that virtually), whose leadership should be indispensable, are the press, charged with asking penetrating, crucial questions on our behalf. I certainly had doubts about throwing my hat in the electoral ring. Tweets by Fox_Claire. Surely the weakest argument any leadership candidate could use is demanding a step-up based on their sex?
My torment was supposed to end last Sunday night, with the conclusion of Helen Titchener’s trial for stabbing her bullying, much-hated husband Rob. So congratulations on winning. Plus, has the BBC really gone downhill (12:05)? More worryingly, if you argue that freedom is one key reason for ending the lockdown sooner rather than later, you are increasingly dismissed as indulgent, selfish, irresponsible, unrealistic. Claire is now a libertarian humanist who like other members of the RCP has become a badly-needed challenger of established liberal orthodoxies. Maybe I’m fair game. #stopbrexit #RevokeA50 #SaveDemocracy". They are our modern extremists. We all know that the internet has become somewhat unhinged and I get a daily dose of such unrestrained invective.

Yet what I've learned about the way the broadcast media works in recent weeks bothers me and I've been asking myself a question: what good does it do if journalism is reduced to demanding politicians ‘answer me – yes or no’? The lockdown has ensured that many millions now gather round the TV and watch the daily press conference from No.10.

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