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AS a boxer, Christy Martin’s signature color was pink: pink shorts, pink robe, sometimes even pink boots. But she won him over, and two years later, in 1992, when she was 23 and he was 48, they married in Daytona Beach, Fla., on the spur of the moment, just the two of them ceremony at City Hall.

Why was Christy Martin O.K. Deputies told him to drop the knife but James Martin didn't listen, according to the testimony. Ms. Martin has filed for divorce. "The violence of this attack is astounding and you will see the evidence in that violence," prosecutors said. When they came back, Ms. Martin had her comment. Last week, with Ms. Allred at her side, Ms. Martin sat in a conference room at a Manhattan hotel on Park Avenue for her first extended interview. James Martin was arrested one week after the incident after being found hiding in a shed in his Apopka neighborhood. Her family name was Salters; she grew up in small town, Itmann, W.Va. “Both my grandfathers have black lung,” she said. “It’s who I am: win, win, win at all costs,” she said. When deputies threatened to shoot him, James Martin immediately surrendered, deputies said. “If I have to, I’ll take three punches, four punches to get my one.”. ORLANDO, Fla. – Professional boxer Christy Martin recounted the moments when she says her ex-husband tried to kill her in court on Tuesday at her ex-husband's attempted murder trial. World champion female boxer Christy Martin told cops her husband shot and stabbed her last week after she told him she was ending their relationship for another woman. Everybody that goes in there, at some point in their career is going to have some close scares.”. ORLANDO, Fla. – Professional boxer Christy Martin recounted the moments when she says her ex-husband tried to kill her in court on Tuesday at her ex-husband's attempted murder trial. She was able to take vacations in Aruba and in New York City, buy a Lincoln Continental for her parents and a new Harley-Davidson for herself — which she had painted pink, of course. Bob Arum, Ms. Martin, Don King and Gloria Allred at a news conference on Wednesday. Her husband, Bruce Brasher ,called 911 concerned James Martin would commit suicide after he called saying Christy was leaving him for a woman and he had two guns on the table. “It was the most profitable bloody nose in boxing history,” Ms. Martin said.

Rick Cole, who said he drove her to hospital, described her severe injuries and the massive amount of blood she left behind in his truck. Christy Martin said her reasoning for going back to her was to deal with her husband and then move on. A trial date has been set for May. Christy looked at it and said, ‘If you work for them, you better be careful someone doesn’t knock you off that chair.’ When we got home, we found out it was because of an article in which they called her ‘The Pink Pudgy.’ ”. “No,” Ms. Martin said, “It’s more the memories of how awesome it was for me to be on top in the ’90s, to be on those huge pay-for-views with Mike Tyson.”, “I paid a tough price to get back into the limelight of boxing,” she said. All rights reserved. James Martin rejected a 25 year plea deal on Monday, saying that at his age, that would equate to life in prison. “Boxing is my life,” she said. She said a month before the incident, she had reconnected with Sherri Lusk, a woman she had an intimate relationship with in high school and is now her partner. "I'd never seen anything like that on a person," Cole said. Ms. Martin, far right, kisses Mr. Martin after she beat Sabrina Hall with a first- round knockout in Las Vegas Dec. 2, 2000. "He knew that I was not in love with him and I felt that he had never loved me either and that this was kind of a business relationship," Christy Martin said. “I think it was just I was young, it was just a time in my life,” Ms. Martin said, with a nervous laugh. Mr. Martin is now in the Orange County Jail in Orlando, awaiting trial on charges of attempted murder. When Christy Martin’s husband and trainer, Jim Martin, allegedly attacked her two months ago in their Orlando, Fla., home after she reportedly told him she was leaving him for a woman, pink was the color of the 9-millimeter Glock pistol they fought over. ORLANDO, Fla. – The attempted murder trial for the ex-husband of professional boxer Christy Martin continued on Wednesday with testimony from doctors and the neighbor that drove Christy Martin to the hospital. Mr. Martin, left, using a hearing device in court, pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defense. “But God’s given me the opportunity to start again. “And then the crowd going crazy and not believing they saw this woman, with one punch, knock another woman out.”. Ms. Martin, who is 42, seemed so devoted to a husband in poor health and 25 years her senior. And there was always the roar of the crowd, which she loved. Ms. Martin and Ms. Allred left the room to confer briefly. Trial for Christy Martin's ex-husband continues James Martin, 68, charged with trying to kill professional boxer Christy Martin Published: April 25, 2012, 5:58 pm

Ms. Martin, whom most in the boxing world considered retired, was pretty busy herself. But I’m a human being, a very compassionate human being, I think you can love somebody but not be in love with them.”, “He was still my trainer,” she continued. “It never really caught on,” said the Las Vegas boxing writer Michael Katz, a longtime boxing reporter who predicts fights for the Las Vegas paper Gaming Today. "He's taking my head and he's beating it to where the drawers are and I said 'mother****** you can not kill me," Christy Martin said. She called Bob Arum, the Las Vegas boxing promoter. Is the memory of the alleged attack fueling that fire?

with getting hit in the face, she was asked last week? Ms. Martin met her future husband in 1990 when her promoter sent her to Mr. Martin’s gym in Bristol, Tenn., for training. Boxer Christy Martin, who was promoted by Don King and one of the first prominent female boxers, was hospitalized after being shot and stabbed by her husband. Gardner said he found 5-inch-long knife wounds on her leg and punctures in her chest. "She continued to tell me that when she got home he is going to kill her," Lusk said. "I have to live through what this man is going to put out. In 2020 she was elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. I was by myself. Butch Gottlieb and Mary Ann Owen told this reporter in separate interviews that Mr. Martin called them four times that day and that he was “distraught.”, “He said Christy had left him, she hadn’t been back for four days,” Ms. Owen said. On the day of the alleged attack, Tuesday, Nov. 23, according to Ms. Martin, her husband called her and said he would destroy her. CHARLOTTE — Christy Martin has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a world class boxer, but it was outside of the ring that she found herself fighting for her life. Mr. Tyson was guaranteed $30 million for that fight. Mr. Martin has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm, attempted first-degree murder and aggravated battery. ", The Florida Hospital Apopka emergency room physician Dr. Brent Gardner also testified Wednesday morning about Christy's injuries. "I was happier. I was not being puppeted by the puppet master," Christy Martin said. The best left hook I have ever seen from a woman was thrown by Hilary Swank in ‘Million Dollar Baby.’ ”. The fight was canceled when Ms. Rijker tore an Achilles’ tendon. Ms. Martin, who fights under the name The Coal Miner’s Daughter, really is a coal miner’s daughter. “I think there was one Tuesday in August, women’s boxing reached a peak, there it was and there it went. Christy Martin is turning 53 in Christy was born in the 1960s. It’s hard to say. Why did she feel she needed them? She recited the words that seem to have become her mantra: “It’s kind of like this: life gave me lemons and I had to make pink lemonade.”. “There was a time after maybe my second fight with him back in the dressing room, I think it was more the happiness from winning the fight,” Ms. Martin said. CSI didn't say how or when James Martin received the other injuries on his body during cross-examination. At first, that is what it was, a friendship.”. Gardner said Christy Martin came in ER "frightened and very much in pain.". During opening statements, James Martin's attorney said it was odd Christy Martin told several friends she was afraid for her life, but still went back to her house with her husband. He faces up to life in prison if convicted of attempted murder and aggravated battery with a weapon.

According to police reports cited by the prosecutor at Mr. Martin’s bail hearing, her husband stabbed her in the breast, back and leg, thrusting so violently that Ms. Martin’s leg, when she tried to kick him off, was cut almost to the bone. And as she disappeared from the spotlight, spending more of her time in the small neighborhood gym in Orlando training young amateur boxers, Jim Martin’s health was deteriorating. “Jim is going to shoot me,” the police report says that she told Ms. Lusk, adding an expletive to describe her husband. A year after her marriage, Ms. Martin persuaded Don King to sign her. If you need help with the Public File, call 407-291-6000. Larry Merchant, a boxing commentator for HBO, said that women’s boxing never lived up to the promise it showed in the ’90s, when a number of women became interested in the sport through aerobics. He added that she apologized for the mess she made. “It had been over for a very long time. “I just needed to show myself I could do this,” she said when she returned. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. "It didn't look real. Mr. Martin did not care for women boxers — his first instinct, he told Sports Illustrated, was to put Ms. Martin in the ring and have one of his guys break her ribs. AS a sport, women’s professional boxing is still viewed as a novelty. She was recruited for her first professional fight in 1989, while still an undergraduate. Then Mr. King put her on the bill that would made Christy Martin famous: with the March 1996 bout between Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno. “My brother has been severely injured several times and is now disabled from the coal mines.

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