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Pretty much nothing. "Bit busy, Kei!" The guard he was speaking to, with a mustache like a pencil line and a beard to match, gesturing vaguely with his spear, and Sensei beckoned to us. Mom was…I think she was ill somehow, honestly. Sure, there was no reason there would be any this far out of the village's range of defenses—I think we used seals for this particular area—and this far from the front lines, but I always expected trouble anyway. Kakashi takes out twenty Sound-nin in this manner, while carrying an unconscious Tenzo. Guess there was a reason Mom was the one who held me most of the time. I hadn't seen him with Old Lady Sayako while, it didn't really change the fact that we had about half an hour to meet up at the gates and depart for distant lands. Kei getting kidnapped by the League of Villains frees her up to attack All For One in "self-defense," because she's taken to the heart of their operations, and it also attracts. When they sealed the Three Tails into Kei and implanted the Mind Control seal into her, it was with the “foolproof” assumption that she would be helpless to both.

Or at least the lava plain if it blew its top off, I guess. Turns out the Sharingan has its uses. Though Hayate seemed excited for me, Mom was undoubtedly worried, and she'd given me a sword-cleaning kit to make absolutely sure I was prepared for the next month or so of living on the road. 20167 FANFICS. Doesn't matter too much what it was—fact is, I still don't know what happened. I just knew he’d attended the Academy, and then both graduated and got promoted to chūnin in the same year. I even have the baby footprint and birth certificate to prove it. The rest of the conversation passed by a little too quick for me to keep up.I was only a week or two old, all right? Then again, he had been here more often than Obito or I had just because he actually had been here before, so it was going to be in our best interests to follow his lead.

Like in canon, Ace and Luffy versus the Baroque Works Billions isn't even a contest. Some bits you find will be silly. His hair was about three centimeters shorter on the left side of his head compared to the right; the bright red abruptly terminated in burned fragments right around his earlobe, indicating a near-miss. and the latter's work eventually ends up helping Tsunade and Kushina corner and wipe out ROOT by contributing those new barrier seals. Mom used the Mountain Cutter again and suddenly there were a lot more half-. I'd been fascinated by everything that could have made my world collapse in ash and fire, for some reason. In the Commencement arc this trope came into effect when Kei and the rest of her ragtag rescue group caught up to Nagato, and a mass of Zetsu clones rose from the ground nearby. All of them had belonged to the aides.

Nepotism was definitely a thing in the ninja world. Kakashi read him the riot act almost instantly, furious. "Yes, I am aware of that. the fledgling Akatsuki from Hanzo and changing the fate of Amegakure. It didn't seem to be a dominant trait anywhere, really.

Obito, dawn watch. It was a lot easier and more important to be able to sense anyone who trained their chakra, since that was the kind of thing that usually meant a threat or an ally were around, depending on intent. Two, she was wearing road clothes—meaning a practical, sturdy set of shoes, plain dark pants under a cotton skirt and wrap, and her hair tied back into one of the longest braids I'd ever seen. The author rolled with it. We'd left the great Hashirama trees far behind, and the next major obstacle was basically hills. And I that was how I was born again, more or less. One: Never assume a given religion had it right. A SI OC story. "The ground trembled and, with a tremendous roar of earth and stone, Zetsu clones emerged from the ground as though being plucked from it like errant potatoes (...) And apparently we'd been sitting on a nest of the damn things.". Kei tends to forget to tell things to people. The Puppet Master Seal demands that we head for Konoha and unleash the Three-Tails on it.” Kakashi goes pale under his mask, and I feel the bottom drop out of my stomach. Naruto sort of takes up this role while Ace is absent, because his hyperactivity and earnestness are endearing to the other jinchuriki. Then I thought about how much time Obito spent just getting to know the people he lived with, and helping them with their problems as best he could. ", "You know," Obito said about five minutes later. My body, unsurprisingly, still wasn't listening to me.I was effectively blind—though my vision in my old life was actually worse than what I could see now, with less light sensitivity and more depth perception—my hearing was hypersensitive due to what had been months of effective sensory deprivation, I could feel everything from the swaddling blanket to the heat of my mother's skin, and my sense of taste was pretty much nonexistent.

Sensei caught it. Hayate and Kei's Chunin Exam debuts both feature, And again, as she's falling to the ground in exhaustion. "Hey!".

Also while locating Hayate, despite it meaning that the enemy can locate her too. While I can't give you an exact date, at some point in the future this story is going to be getting a rewritten form. "Someday I will draw everyone into my web of tag games and you will all rue the day you met me," I said dramatically. "He's thirty-one." I'm still quietly terrified by the idea of being solely or jointly responsible for the future survival and happiness of another human being, but now I just added the whole issue of diapers to the pile of reasons to use birth control. Obito said, smiling brightly. It was like trying it with Starburst, only the rice paper wrapping was edible too. Minato used to pat Kei's head when she was a genin, and ruffle Obito and Kakashi's hair. Your review has been posted. "Obito!" Even after reintegration of the Dreamer and Id in the aftermath of Isobu's sealing. We did get into what amounted to an extremely vicious three-way game of exploding Tag—literally Tag with explosive notes and Replacement jutsu—in the clearing closest to our campsite. I could at least justify the memories of needing an adult's help for everything as being due to true helplessness. Gotta take what you can get, I guess. "Gekkō-san, daijōbu desu ka?" Ace wants to kill Blackbeard because the latter betrayed the Whitebeard Pirates by (almost) killing Thatch over a Devil Fruit. Cut me some slack for having trouble with a language I never learned before.

Then she shrugged. "And if you wake me up for no reason I'm tying you up in an ankle snare for an hour," Sensei informed us. "It also generally required becoming the student of the Hokage, or of a future Hokage, or of a Hokage's student. Would be. Every time I thought I was okay with the ninja system, it reminded me why I wasn’t. The lava dome doesn't seem to have built up again yet. Baby steps toward success and independence happened all the time, and as an adult in a baby's body I was going to enjoy as many as I could figure out. Funny thing about that, though, was that none of my limbs seemed to want to work the way I wanted them to and I ended up getting pretty squished regardless. Utakata only survives due to the quick intervention of the Blackbeard-hunting crew. Kei even calls the Whitebeard Pirates to keep them in the loop, coincidentally alerting the Red Hair Pirates through Kushina at the same time. Keisuke Gekko is reincarnated into the Naruto world during the Second Shinobi War and grows up during the events of the Third Shinobi War. I had his forefinger in a chubby fist and I wasn't about to let go, whether he tried gently pulling loose or not.

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