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Despite this, he would find the shows interesting but would find it a little exasperating if you tried to argue with him about his thoughts on the matter of supernatural activity. Black shadows in my room.” You pulled away to look up at his gentle expression. He didn’t seem any wiser.
“The part about the magnetic anomalies at least points to something weird going on.”. We have roughly written this in the order they would be most willing and open to watch with you/their girlfriend. He would be a little jumpy when turning out the light and would want to cuddle you closely under the sheets.]. You can support us by buying admins a coffee here (if you wish). REQUEST: BTS finding out that girlfriend can sing. He would alternative between letting out laughs when the program showed more shocking or controversial scenes and being a bit silent and scared. Our full masterlist can be found here for many more fics, scenarios and original fan art.

Thanks for reading. Pay attention to me!!”. “Murders.” You said, making him raise his eyebrows. About the supernatural BTS story!

“Were you scared?” He grinned in surprise. If it was the type of show with a narrator or interviews with people who had claimed to experience paranormal phenomena, he would find himself glancing at you with a little grin whenever they said anything he believed to be stupid. He would remain silent for a few minutes at a time, watching the show, but whenever something completely unbelievable happened, he would pipe up with how stupid it was or with an obvious explanation. He would likely stroke your leg or foot absently as he watched the show. Humour. I’m glad I haven’t done it yet though because I got an idea that I want to share with you! “Ooh. She regurgitates it.”. “What do you think?” You quipped with a grin. I started working out his character and figured out that there are a lot of interesting things I can do with it, but I still wanted a Yoongi story. “Hoe why?”, Namjoon would smile at you whenever you would tell him about the newest episode or like how you felt about the ending of the movie, and he would always listen to you talk about it even if he didn’t watch it he would still try his best to listen so he could reply, he would probably call you something along the lines of “Why are you such a adorable geek/nerd?”, Jimin would always make fun of you whenever he saw you watching the show/movie, he would be like “pay attention to the most important thing in your life, me.”  But all you would do is continue watching your show, because honestly that was all you wanted to do. This is my biggest problem! So, not knowing these things, I became hesitant to post the story, but I think I’ll start posting it anyway and the solutions for the problems I have at the moment are: For the first problem: I will figure the routes out along the way. buying admins a coffee here (if you wish). var sc_security="8cdd1a4e"; “Maybe it’s Abraham Lincoln.” Jin grinned, watching as the man asked the presence to make a sound if he was there.

So I’ve said it before: I want to upload my supernatural BTS story that I’ve been working on for a while now. (Also this is really complicated, I hope you’re still following me!). It was obvious that, despite being sat next to you for the past fifteen minutes on the pretext of watching the show with you, he had clearly not been paying any attention whatsoever. You shrugged. You grinned from beside your boyfriend as the screen cut back to the studio and the real-life woman explained her encounter and how terrified she had been. He wouldn’t be scared of anything that was shown and, if you were a little jumpy afterwards, he would laugh a little, finding it funny at first, but also reassuring you that he was there with you. He might end up placing his hand on your leg or foot for reassurance or brush your skin constantly, unable to stop himself from seeking your comfort.

<3) Jin: Originally posted by lehyuks. “Are they serious?” He scoffed.

He complied in removing his hand from your skin but seemed reluctant. I think Tae wouldn’t mind you watching it, he would just want you to pay as much attention to him as you would to your show/movie. Requested by anon A/N: this was a wild ride let me tell you -amelia Seokjin: He’s concerned for you.

“He had visions.” He replied, as though stating a fact. We have roughly written this in the order they would be most willing and open to watch with you/their girlfriend.

He thought for a moment. It wasn’t until it was over and he turned it off with the remote control that you felt able to take a full breath of air. “Really?” He asked curiously, his mouth pressed against the top of your hair. You nodded your head but looked down at your feet with embarrassment. She was an aspiring actress in Hollywood.”. A/n: For the anon who wanted this, hope you enjoyed it!~J (For anon, love you too! ot7 scenarios: Because I’m a Man, ... supernatural au | angst, horror, fluff. A/n: For the anon who wanted this, hope you enjoyed it!~J (For anon, love you too!

He would stay mostly silent throughout the programme until the end when he would close down any argument made during the show with logic and fact.

I’d start Jimin’s, Jin’s and Namjoon’s route when it would make sense for their route to start, and if you want to read someone else’s route, you can just follow the intro/main story until their route appears as an option. “They have more cattle they can mutilate in the countryside?” He suggested with a small laugh. Ouija Etc.) “What the fuck is that?” He leaned forward to get a better look at the piece of primary evidence. You clenched your fists in frustration. ], “Jimin.” You complained, pushing his hand gently away from your thigh. Thank you! A/n: I was looking at some of my older reactions and completely forgot that “little space” existed. Jin Jin would be surprised and proud that you were able to sing. A/n: Hope you enjoyed it, sorry I’ve never watch either of these so I only have very small knowledge of both.

So if I’ve completely had it after three routes and your bias wasn’t among them then I’m sorry, but I’m not even the best at finishing stories so I don’t want to make it impossible/boring for myself! He frowned for a moment, seeing how badly you had been affected by seeing your worst nightmares acted out on screen for the first time.

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Crying Every time Someone Yells At Her.

He wouldn’t be able to stop flirting with you, pretending to watch the show at first but then ignoring it completely to flirt and touch you. His features were luminous in the dark; the glare from the television screen reflecting off his face. “The poet…” He continued, his voice serene and a little dreamy. :). “Has she hidden a towel down her throat?” He asked in disbelief. First of all: the idea was a Yoongi based story, but as I was writing and Jungkook (as Y/N’s best friend) was way more often there than Yoongi himself, the story took a turn and became more Jungkook based. After a few moments of sitting in silence, he spoke up, once again distracting you. Just some reactions/scenarios/fanfictions - mostly working on BTS stories now - requests are CLOSED - reactions/scenarios that are already written are currently being rewritten “They were more bothered about the Nazi’s than some psychic.”. “It was the second world war. Taehyung seemed to ignore your quip and continued to stare at the screen. BTS Hyung Line reaction to you slipping into little space because you’re scared . Which resulted in a whiny Jimin being like “babe, babe! Which made him happy cause you would hang out with him, rather than watching your movie/show.

(This is why Hoseok’s and Taehyung’s routes are still a complete mystery to me!) Because for example, for Yoongi’s route it would make more sense to start it at that point, while for Jin’s route it would be at another point.

“I had sleep paralysis a lot as a kid.” You explained. [A man of science and logic, Namjoon would be one of the more closed off members when it came to the paranormal, finding that most things could be explained or dismissed. He called the name in the dark several times as he rotated on the spot, searching for further sounds.

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