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By contrast, students that will only attend one or two semesters as part of an international partnership of the Bamberg university won’t go through these examinations.

Interdisciplinary research activities contribute to the University’s unique place in Germany’s scientific landscape. Advertise With Us | Registration is mandatory. You can link it to your FIS profile and make your research results even more visible. Unigardening; Nachhaltige Gesundheit; Veranstaltungskalender; Nachhaltigkeitswoche. Suche schliessen. In the end, students who finish their studies at this level are entitled as Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). Registration is mandatory! After making an appointment, please inform us by writing an e-mail to courses.bagss(at) Wichtige Infos zum Politik-Studium im WS 20/21! They are arranged in alphabetical order according to country, and the webpage from each partner school can be accessed by clicking on the name of the individual institutions. Typically, those workshops include some sort of conference panel discussion as well as lectures upon method or subject specific skills. ORCID is an internationally widespread identifier for scientists. Overview: How to apply (undergraduate, graduate & postgraduate studies; exchange students). In this workshop, I’ll try to demystify the peer review process, offer tips on how to write constructive reviews, and identify some of the common pitfalls of papers that lead to rejection or request for significant revisions. German is the language of instruction in the vast majority of courses in this university, and few to mention in the English language.

fis(at), Universitätsbibliothek / Publikationswesen. In case of on-site meetings, all hygienic regulations must be followed! ....................................................................................................................................................... Thursday, 14.01.2021, 09:00 - 11:30 Friday, 15.01.2021, 09:00 - 11:30. It’s also a skill that new scholars tend to learn through osmosis and trial-and-error rather than through explicit training.

Please read the conditions of use of the Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg: publication server of the University of Bamberg, CLOSURE - Kieler e-Journal für Comicforschung, Genette returns. BAGSS supports doctoral fellows in organizing workshops in the subject areas covered by the School. Studies ; Studies; Non-Exchange Students (Master's Degree) Online Application Form; Website section: Studies.

Contact Us | However, the university had a long way to do until it reached the current form in 1979. Likewise, traditional degree programs, the University of Bamberg offers a lot of jointly degree programs, which are partly carried by Bamberg and an international university. German Culture. Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences (BAGSS).

Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences (BAGSS), Bamberger Centrum für empirische Studien (BACES), Kolloquien der Fachgruppe Politikwissenschaft, Chair for the Governance of Complex and Innovative Technological Systems, International Political Relations (Chair), Professorship of Empirical Political Science, European Integration (assistant professorship), Fachvertretung für Didaktik der Sozialkunde, Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences, International Accounting and Auditing (Chair), Chair for Business Administration & Organization, Chair of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour, Bamberg Graduate School on Behavioral Macroeconomics (BaGBeM), Professur für Wirtschaftspädagogik - Prof. Dr. Silvia Annen, Professorship for Business Education (Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Gerholz), Lehrstuhl für Survey Statistik und Datenanalyse, Professur für Mathematik in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Bisherige Preisträger*innen der Fakultät SoWi, Entpflichteter Professor für Recht der Sozialen Sicherung und Migrationsrecht /FH, Altersvorsorge für Gesellschaftergeschäftsführer, Rückkehr in die gesetzliche Krankenversicherung-GKV, Prüfungsausschüsse und Eignungskommissionen, Anmeldeverfahren für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten, Prüfungsausschuss für betriebswirtschaftliche Studiengänge, Archiv mit alten Aushängen und Handbüchern, Prüfungsausschuss European Economic Studies (EES), Informationsangebot der SoWi Frauenbeauftragten, Emeritierte und pensionierte Professorinnen bzw.